Experience: 25+


Shira's passion for fitness stems from living a healthy and fit lifestyle. From a young age, she decided to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian. This important lifestyle change gave her an opportunity to educate herself on how to supplement her diet with proper nutrient. For the majority of her life, venturing into the fitness competition scene, and actively training healthy eating and active living. Her goal is to educate people on how they can enjoy life while living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. #BeaHit&GetFit #FitnessTruth Reach Shira at:

 Experience: 10+ years

 Certifications: FIS Canfitpro, ISSA, AFAA, CPR & AED

Nermeen’s passion and drive for fitness originates from her own journey after having two kids. Since falling in love with fitness herself, she understands the struggles and hesitations faced when diving into any new journey. She has set out on a mission to help others begin their journey and overcome any obstacles they may be facing. Nermeen has also created an epic and unique cardio-kickboxing workout that will get your heart pumping! She believes fitness shouldn’t be a chore but something you look forward to and strives to make it as fun as possible.

 Experience: 2+ Years

 Certifications: BSc Kinesiology, CSEP-CPT,

 Specialitie(s): Strength training, Injury Care and Prevention.

Joe’s fitness roots come from an extensive athletic background. Competing in various sports from football, rugby and basketball for nine years he gained not only the performance skills but confidence to tackle any challenges in life. This inspired him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University and began practicing injury care and prevention. Joe has vast Athletic Therapy experience working with various sports programs including the MFL (Men’s Football League) and AUS sports. Through clinical and field experience Joe has learned everyone has different needs and is able to quickly customize a plan that will compliment their strengths and weaknesses. His goal is to inspire others to find that same confidence he found through sports by coaching them through a plan designed to meet their goals.

 Experience: 2 years+

 Certifications: Poliquin Certified Lv 1 Personal Trainer ISSA Certified CPR/First Aid. SMU Graduate

 Specialitie(s): Classic Physique Overall Champion NSPC 2018 Top 5 Men’s Physique Provincial competitor 2015-2018

Rowan’s football background led him to take training to another level and compete in the popular Classic Physique division alongside some of the top amateurs in the country. Rowan specializes in body recomposition by using a combination of functional primal movements in hypertrophic fashion to get you moving freely and looking your best! “Master your mind, and the body you want will follow!”

 Experience: 5

 Certifications: Personal Training Specialist CanFitPro, CPR A

 Specialitie(s): Strength training, Core, HIIT

Zarah has been involved in fitness long before she moved to Halifax from England five years ago. She is a certified Personal Training Specialist through CanFitPro. She has a passion for core and strength training, among many others. Zarah favourite spectator sport is “Football” (aka Soccer) Zarah’s energy will keep you motivated for achieving your goals and changing your lifestyle for the better!

 Experience: 15 years +

 Certifications: ISSA, First Aid & CPR AED

 Specialitie(s): Strength & Conditioning Specialist, IFBB Pro

Jonni may be best known as an IFBB Pro but he’s also a father, musician and ex-football player. Jonni has over 15 shows under his belt including Canadian Nationals where he won overall Super Heavy Weight and Best Poser to claim the title of Mr. Canada. Jonni has inspired many to follow in his footsteps which lead him to coach many other successful competitors. Jonni’s heart is in the gym and through commitment, dedication and perseverance he knows anyone is capable of meeting their goals whether it be on stage or everyday life.

 Experience: 6

 Certifications: ISSA PT, CPR/AED

 Specialitie(s): Bodybuilding Specialist/Fitness Nutrition Cert.

Mike’s involvement in fitness roots from a strong passion for bodybuilding & strength sports. In early years, he was very involved in basketball, baseball & soccer but it wasn’t until university that he discovered his love for competitive bodybuilding & powerlifting. Soon after, he began working in different gyms & supplement stores to build more hands-on experience. Mike believes that any goal is attainable as long as you’re willing to work hard for it.

 Experience: 6+

 Certifications: CPTN,CSCS, BSc Kinesiology

Aaron is a certified Personal Trainer through the Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN). Graduating from St. Francis Xavier University with a BSc  in Kinesiology with a minor in Human Nutrition. With 8 years of personal training experience, Aaron has gained a repertoire of skills and techniques to accommodate anyone’s fitness goals. Having trained upwards of one hundred clients of various ages, throughout his career. Including individuals seeking fat loss, muscle gain, post-injury and competition prep. Aaron’s discipline, dedication and passion for fitness carries into his personal life, as he has competed and coached at a national level as a powerlifter with in the Canadian Powerlifting Federation.

Abeeha’s struggle with mental health is what originally brought her to the gym. She enjoys challenging herself to see what boundaries she can push next. The atmosphere at World Gym is more warm and welcoming than that of other gyms she has been in and she enjoys meeting new people and seeing them smile. “I am constantly inspired by those who walk through the doors. Everyone comes with a story and I enjoy getting to know people through our mutual interest in fitness.”

Emma enjoys being a part of the World Gym team because of the family the members and staff have become to be. She loves that it is possible to create a positive and inspiring atmosphere within a gym space. The gym is more than just weights and treadmills, it's a place where people change to a positive mindset and lifestyle. She is inspired daily by the dedication of our members!

Jessica is motivated by her kids to make a change to live a better lifestyle. Everyone has opened their arms and made this gym a home enviroment. "Everyone comes in with different goals and different stories and I'm inspired by every single one of them."

Marcus's enjoyment for fitness has allowed him to reach numerous goals! Working at World Gym is a great opportunity to not only his own fitness but to reach out and motivate others!

Colby grew up playing a variety of sports like baseball, gymnastics, as well as sprint kayak. Colby loves living a healthy active lifestyle! She is currently enrolled at the University of Kings college and plays rugby for the school team! Colby says she loves working at World Gym because of the positive atmosphere and energetic people!

Logan’s love for fitness started at a young age. Logan played a variety of sports growing up including hockey, soccer and track and field. After doing strength and conditioning training with his sport teams throughout the years, he fell in love with training and working out! Logan is in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer/strength and conditioning coach. Logan says he’s grateful for the opportunity to work at such an amazing gym with such amazing people!

"I'm so thankful to call World Gym my second home". After being involved in fitness from a young age, Paige's passion has only grown since working here. She loves being able to share her love of fitness and healthy living with her co-workers and members every day which is one of the best perks of the job. She loves seeing people make changes to their lifestyle that result in outcomes they desire makes me feel good and anything she can do to help them along the way is even better. "I absolutely love the fact that I can call my coworkers my family, especially my managers Chazia and Amr. Ever since working under their leadership I have learned so much which has helped me to become the best version of myself."