Zumba Classes

Dance Your Way to a Better You

Looking to get fit and have fun through rhythmic dance? Zumba is a fitness program that combines international music with high-energy dance moves. This group fitness class is great for those looking to work up a sweat and improve their cardiovascular fitness. World Gym® is proud to offer Zumba classes to our members as yet another choice in our vast selection of group fitness classes.

Zumba classes are great for toning muscle, as they work several different muscle groups at once. These not only elevate your heart rate and provide aerobic benefits, but they also offer anaerobic benefits, which help you maintain a healthy respiratory system. Zumba is great for anyone looking to change up their workout with some exhilarating dance moves that will make you sweat.

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Who Is Zumba For?

Zumba classes are great for anyone looking to improve heart health, burn calories, and reduce stress. This workout is disguised as a dance class and makes it much easier to participate in because members have so much fun they forget they are even working out! Working out should be fun and never feel like a chore. With Zumba and other World Gym group fitness classes, you’ll look forward to coming to the gym and feel amazing when you leave.

Class offerings vary from one location to the next, so contact your local World Gym to learn more about their group workout classes.

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