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World Gym Itapoa

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At World Gym Itapoa, we’re raising the bar in the fitness industry. We bypass trends and skip the gimmicks and instead offer our members only what they need to reach their fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or pack on some muscle, our gym floor offers free weights, resistance machines, cardio equipment, and so much more. For those seeking some guidance, you’ll love our variety of group fitness classes, where you’ll work out among your peers while being guided by an instructor. Seeking some individualized attention? Allow our certified personal trainers to customize a workout plan that targets your specific needs. 

A Better You Begins Here

Our Itapoa gym is locally owned yet backed by a legacy brand with over 45 years of experience. World Gym is a pillar of strength in the community and is respected throughout the world. We believe that we are all athletes competing in the sport of life, and physical and mental wellness are integral to a long and healthy life. World Gym Itapoa is on a mission to help all of our members achieve their goals and overcome any obstacles or plateaus. Stop by our facility today to speak with our team and learn why we are a great fit for people of all fitness levels. 

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