Group Fitness Classes

Our Best Classes. Your Best Results!

Led by awe-inspiring instructors who are certified masters of their crafts, World Gym group fitness classes are designed for maximum results – and maximum fun! Looking for new ways to stay fit? We’ve got you covered with all your favorites, including Cycling, Zumba®, HIIT, Yoga, Les Mills™ and more! Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or are a conditioned fitness enthusiast, our group fitness classes make it easy to stay consistent and reach your goals, all while being a part of an inclusive and supportive community.

Why Group Fitness?

Group fitness classes are the perfect option for those looking to surround themselves with a group of like-minded individuals working towards achieving their fitness goals together. The benefits of group fitness extend far beyond losing weight, getting toned, and increasing endurance - they are an opportunity to build community, have fun, and create everlasting memories.

Need more convincing?

  • Stay motivated. Lack of motivation is often the reason people struggle to reach their goals to a healthier way of life. In group fitness classes, there is never a shortage of motivation. Your inspiring instructor will be there to both support and push you, and the comradery of your peers will drive you to greatness.
  • Keep things fresh. It’s common for workout routines to become stale overtime, and sometimes it’s tough to know how to mix it up. Group fitness classes always offer a fresh workout that will continually challenge your body while keeping fitness fun and exciting.
  • Meet new people. Our greatest supporters and lifelong friends often start out as others who share your same goals and interests. Open yourself up to a whole new community and an embracing support system that will be there with you through it all.
  • Learn proper form. Our instructors are the best part of our group fitness classes. They are trained and certified fitness professionals who provide the expert training and coaching needed to guide you toward getting the very best results while avoiding any risk of injury.
  • Have fun! Our group classes are high-energy experiences with pumping music and contagious enthusiasm. This makes workouts feel less like a workout. You’ll get all the physiological benefits of working out, in addition to boosting your mood and mindset.