Strength Training Classes

Build Muscle, Lose Weight & Feel Great

Looking to improve your overall health? Make sure strength training is a part of your health and fitness routine. Strength training offers many benefits and is often a fundamental component of exercise programs. World Gym® offers strength training classes that will work one or more muscle groups to help you build muscle, lose weight, and increase strength. Weight training is a type of exercise using either equipment or bodyweight to build muscle mass. Often referred to as resistance training or weight training, strength training is one of our most popular classes, as it offers benefits for just about everyone, regardless of their fitness goals.

What to Expect in a Strength Class

At World Gym, we always keep our classes fresh. It’s tough to stay motivated and reach goals when you do the same thing day in and day out. That’s why we offer a variety of group workout classes that ensure you’ll never get bored. Our strength training classes incorporate several different types of exercises that work every area of your body. You can expect to find some of the following in these classes:

  • Free weights, including dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and medicine balls
  • Resistance bands and loop bands
  • Suspension equipment like straps and ropes

Our classes will also incorporate bodyweight exercises that use gravity and your own weight to build muscle. These will include everything from push-ups to squats to lunges.

Other Class Offerings

Benefits of Strength Training

There are many benefits to strength training. These classes are great for those looking to build muscle, burn calories, torch fat – or all of the above. Strength training can also help increase flexibility and mobility, lowering your risk of injury. And like many other forms of exercise, strength training is great for improving your heart health.

World Gym has everything you need to live a more fit and healthy lifestyle. Our strength training classes not only provide a great workout, but they will teach you how to correctly perform various exercises that you can use outside of class. Make this class a routine part of your workout plan and reach your goals faster. 

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