Meet Our Team

Welcome to #FitnessTruth.

From businesswoman to bikini competition winner, Roxanne Cass (aka Roxie) is doing it all - and she's doing it as the Studio Manager at World Gym Athletics in Costa Mesa, California. Roxie began her career here, at World Gym Athletics, working at the front desk, happy to be a part of a team who believes in the same fitness values she incorporates into her own training and lifestyle. Her work ethic, eagerness to learn, and out-of-the-box thinking make her the perfect fit as Studio Manager. After spending time in hospitals during nursing school and seeing the damaging effects of what an unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle can bring, Roxie's goal and vision for World Gym Athletics is to build a community of like-minded individuals who believe that exercise IS medicine. Her personal passion for fitness is contagious, and it has a powerful influence over anyone who crosses her path. Roxie's mission is to help those she meets to continuously strive to become the best they can be by developing a lifestyle that brings balance and longevity while having loads of fun at the same time. Stop by and say hello to Roxie, and you'll see exactly why she's a great fit.

 Specialitie(s): Movement Foundations

 Secret Power: Empathy

Bhakti started her journey to Fitness Truth with CrossFit. She started training at CrossFit Hyperformance in 2012. She was fortunate to have coaches who were caring, engaged and people she considered to be some of the best human beings ever. She was inspired by how they were genuinely invested in every single person that set foot into their gym. Those coaches saw potential in her and recruited her for their instructor training program. She later moved to CrossFit Hoboken in New Jersey where she coached barbell fundamentals. Her focus has always been on teaching the fundamentals and foundations of Olympic Lifting. Inspired the coaches who launched her own journey, she engages with the athletes she coaches personally and considered their successes her own. Her goal as a coach is to help her people stay healthy and enjoy training so that they can continue to do so at age 100+.

 Specialitie(s): Running

Donovan has managed to make his way to Orange County after living in New York for 26 years and is making a name for himself on both coasts. Donovan's career path started after getting rocks thrown at him during a relay race that led him to have three cornea transplants and more surgeries to create stability. Having sensitive eyes, Donovan was only allowed to run, and he didn't even know it was a sport. He was asked to join his high school track team and became a champion of New York City. Finding his passion for supporting others reach their potental, Donovan earned a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science with the path of being a coach. In his process, Donovan won 2 collegiate championship titles in Track & Field, began coaching high school athletes, and began his career. Post-graduation, Donovan climbed the ranks of being one of Wall Street's top personal trainer and starting a run club that still stands in the financial district. Still pursing high ranks, he moved to Los Angeles to be the lead trainer of a prestigious gym in Miracle Mile. Earning the top trainer of the west coast, Donovan wanted to find a way to get in front of more people and show them the truth of what fitness can bring into their lives. Orange County called him, and more opportunities sprang left and right. Using his specialties of bodyweight training, Kettlebells, mobility, and running, he ran one marathon and multiple obstacle courses and 5k races, he learned what it will take to get others around him stronger than ever.

 Secret Power: Flexibility

We are so proud of Scott! He started with World Gym Athletics Costa Mesa in January. With consistent attendance and unwavered effort, Scott has shown great improvement in such a short period of time. He comes to class ready to work, he embraces challenges, and most importantly, he is eager to learn. Scott’s secret power: Flexibility. While standing on one leg, he can pick up a piece of paper from the ground, using his mouth! He’s an awesome addition to our humble team of athletes.