Whatever Your Goals,

We’re Here to Help
  • World Gym is a place where real people workout.
  • Nobody is perfect, but we all strive to be better.
  • If you need a little extra help, just ask.
  • We specialize in making your fitness goals become your fitness truth.
  • Our members inspire us to achieve greatness daily.
  • Their stories can inspire you too.

Real people, real

"Don't give up!  Training outcomes do not come overnight.  It is a process that takes time and patience, whether it's cardio or weightlifting."

Nino Connell, World Gym Marconi, Australia

"We all have to start somewhere.  It takes patience, time and consistency. To get where we want to go, we have to make the decision to start."

Ciarize Aurellado, World Gym Scarborough, Canada

"I workout at World Gym because of the atmosphere. I am surrounded by people who PUSH me to be more every day. I am encouraged and believed in. It feels like a second home and I am so lucky to have found this wonderful oasis of positivity!"

Mysha Enneking, World Gym West Chester, USA

"Aside from having world's best gear, excellent instructors and coaches, World Gym has a unique and thrilling atmosphere. Instructors are attentive, and they all try to fulfill athletes; unique needs, achieving better and faster results."

Henrique Azevedo, World Gym Florianópolis, Brazil