Important! This is only for Members at the World Gym Kalispell Montana Location. If you are not a member at the Kalispell Montana Location please contact the World Gym you signed up with. 

Please remember your agreement is for the term you signed up for and is not dependent on how often you use the Club.

Termination of Membership: To cancel your membership, at or after the end of your Minimum Agreement Term, World Gym Kalispell requires, in advance a 30-day written notification. Cancelation form must be filled out in person as World Gym Kalispell requires a physical signature.

Upgrade or Downgrade: You may upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time within your 12 month contract at no extra charge. Basic to VIP or VIP to Basic.

Freezing your Account: World Gym may freeze your account up to 3 months in total. We are unable to freeze weeks at a time. The time frozen will then roll over to the end of your contract to complete a 12 month cycle. This also applies for any Corporate Membership.

Cancelation Policy for 12 Month VIP and Basic Contract Members 

 Signing up for a 12 Month Membership Contract is extremely beneficial. As the membership is reduced to $39 a month rather then $45 for Basic and $59 a month instead of the usual $65 a month for VIP when using EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). Saving you up to $100 a Year!

To allow these larger savings our cancelation policy is as follows:

Canceling Your 12 Month Contract Completely: Canceling while you are still within your 12 month contract you either must pay the remaining balance or a total of 3 months. Must be present to fill out a cancelation Form with your physical signature

If you are unable to be present please contact:

Joy Moore 

Operations Supervisor 

(406) 407-7372


We value our members and take pride in your success. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you from your World Gym Family

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