World Gym Pensacola Volleyball

Gorilla Beach is home to World Gym Pensacola’s mens and women’s beach volleyball programs. The courts were opened in the summer of 2022 and feature two beautiful beach volleyball courts as well as a shower station. The courts feature shaded seating areas for players and spectators as well as grass seating areas for fans around each court to allow spectators to bring their own chairs or spread out a blanket and enjoy matches. The courts provide an incredible opportunity for athletes both boys and girls that want to not only stay in shape but progress their beach volleyball skills. Members get to check out a volleyball and have some fun on the courts, we also host sand workouts from time to time.

All the information about the courts as well as the latest updates and news is posted to our World Gym Volleyball Facebook page at 

Interested in some 1 on 1 volleyball coaching or training? Contact Coach Ronnie Payne at (850)512-3818

Interested in some volleyball strength and conditioning? Contact World Gym Pensacola at (850)341-6066. 

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