All our Personal Trainers have over 15 years of experience in helping their clients whether it be nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, toning their bodies, or strength and conditioning.

 Certifications: Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

 Certifications: NCCPT

Sabrina has over 3+ years as a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer as well as 5 years as a Personal Trainer. She is very well known for her successful training style in the Tri-Valley area. Her enthusiasm, experience, and good nature serve her well as she has trained hundreds of clients who adore her.

 Certifications: NASM, NCCPT, Nutitional Specialist

 Experience: 10+ Years

What I enjoy the most about training/coaching is watching the process from start to finish as my clients evolve during their fitness journey. I love that all of my clients and I share that unique experience together, the hard earned accomplishments, and the excitement of success. I am also a two time champion in the NPC Bodybuilding and Mens Physique Athlete Championships.

 Certifications: NASM, NCCPT, Nutitional Specialist

 Experience: 15+ Years

Sean is our head trainer here at World Gym and holds a BS degree in Kinesiology . He has over 15 years of Personal Training experience. His training includes; weight loss, muscle gain, sports conditioning, martial arts training, and nutritional guidance. Throughout Sean’s years of being a personal trainer he has learned how to customize personal training programs that only entail you to work out three times a week for forty minute sessions and still be able to exceed your goals. Sean has also been involved in martial arts (Tae Kwon Do) for over 20 years and holds a third degree black belt. He was a top ranked national competitor during the years he was competing. He has learned how to incorporate martial arts into his training sessions. In addition, he has come to see that not only are his clients achieving their goals, but they are also developing confidence, discipline, self-defense, and success!