Challenge Winners

Arasely Rodriguez-Drawing Winner
Christina Martin-Inches Lost Percentage Winner
Miroslava Camarillo-Muscle Gain/Lean out Category Winner
Charmaine Fulton-Size Reduction Winner

Each of these winners won $400 + 3 to 6 months Free Membership time (of which one challenger wanted to share her winnings which helped in giving out additional $50 prizes to some of the others)!

We want to thank everyone who participated. You all did an EXCELLENT job during our 8-week challenge and CONGRATULATIONS to our winners!

Gym News

1.     Free workouts on social media: Having trouble determining what to do for your workout while you’re stuck in the house?  We have been posting free workouts 6 days/week on our social media pages (Facebook: World Gym Texas City and Instagram: @worldgymtexascity)! We have our Fitness Manager Jessica’s BINGO challenge happening right now. Check out our social media for more details! Additionally, you can check out our Les Mills link for FREE virtual studio classes!

2.     April Virtual Members of the Month: This month with the closure in place, we’ve been watching our members on social media and determine who has been engaging with our posts the most, who has been staying active, who has been taking advantage of our home workouts and here are the members we have noticed the most: Teri Melton, Nancie Stroot, Esmeralda Cortez, Kari Starz, one of our Instructors Heather Bernard, and Beth Wilson! Thank you for being such active members!

3.     Where we stand as it relates to reopening: As you are aware, the gym’s closure that started in early March was mandated by the state as a safeguard against the COVID-19 virus. The initial reopening was planned for April 3rd; however, given the state of increased cases of this virus, the closure has been extended until at least April 30. Things are constantly evolving which also means we are staying up to date with information and will keep you all updated with any changes and reopening guidelines. We miss each and every one of our members and can’t wait to see you all walk through our doors again. Please stay safe and healthy!

Did You Know?

The importance of staying active at this time. Did you know that staying active has AT LEAST 3 advantages to staying active? Here are some research based benefits as found on https://www.ihrsa.org/improve-your-club/4-reasons-to-keep-exercising/.

1. Activity and Exercise Can Help Boost Immune Function
Several studies have linked physical activity to improvements in immune markers and immune health.

2. Exercise Lowers Stress
study published in Frontiers in Physiology showed that regular exercise could create greater emotional resilience to acute, short term stress in healthy people. Respondents to an American Psychological Association “Stress in America” survey reported positive effects of exercise, including:
·       better mood,
·       feeling good about themselves, and
·       feeling less stressed.

According to the survey, 43% of Americans report they use exercise to manage their stress, and 62% of those people found it to be extremely or very effective.

3. Physical Activity is Good for Metabolic Health
Research has linked poor metabolic health to poorer immune system function, which is one reason people with chronic medical conditions like diabetes are at higher risk of developing—and having complications from—infections like flu and corona-virus. Studies have also found that people with diabetes and high blood glucose are more susceptible to infection, and people with obesity and diabetes have greater immune suppression than metabolically healthy people with obesity.

Evidence has also linked good metabolic health and higher levels of physical activity. Spending more time active lowered the odds of metabolic syndrome, and science has linked both acute and long term exercise to lower blood glucose levels.

If you’ve been struggling to stay active get up and start moving, your health depends on it!


If you have any questions or feedback, please always feel free to contact us!


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