In 1976, it all began here. The iconic celebrity fitness scene. The serious, no non-sense workout. The commitment to always remain a true gym, not a resort. A place where great shape is an authentic passion. Where you belong among friends. Where everyone's star, and you have the power to lift yourself to greatness. This is World Gym.

 Certifications: Australian Strength & Conditioning coach and Level 1 Strength System.

 Specialitie(s): HIIT, Strength Training, Stretching, Band Resistance Training, Weight Loss and Muscle Tone

 Secret Power: The ability to teach and share my knowledge so you are able to confidently train yourself

I am passionate about everything I do and truly dedicated to all my clients. My sessions are not just about training you, but about teaching you and sharing my knowledge so that you are confident to train yourself. My goal is to lead the world towards a better lifestyle and hope to prove that health and fitness belong with everyone's routine.