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Physical fitness means personal improvement. By learning skills and improving them over time, you'll gain strength and dexterity. Boost your energy and health at World Gym International - Rochester. Whether you want to sign up for one gym class in Rochester, NY, or several, we provide the environment, instruction, and structure you need to be your best.

A challenge is even better when you're tackling it with a group. Our classes are wide-ranging and varied. We offer different modalities, each designed to strengthen specific portions of your body. One of our core sets includes World Gym Athletics, which is a combination of classes that are varied constantly. From running the treadmill to incorporating high-intensity training, there's never a dull moment here.

We do more than offer fitness classes near you. Our location also hosts boxing classes, complete with strength equipment and self-defense training segments. Affectionately dubbed the Liftzone, this is a space where you'll build strength and refine your techniques.

Being in shape involves more than going through the motions. By joining our gym classes, you'll learn with others while improving your strength, endurance, and flexibility. We do more than help people get strong--we encourage others to develop the best versions of themselves.

Not convinced yet? We invite you to sign up for one of our classes and experience the difference. Contact us to learn about scheduling and class times.



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World Gym Athletics helps you get the most out of your World Gym with progressive individual and small group fitness programs. These combine elements of tactical training, functional training and high intensity interval training. The raw, no-nonsense and balanced approach to fitness offers a more complete training program to help you achieve your fitness goals.