Personal Training in Rochester

If you’re looking for personal training in Rochester, NY, look no further than World Gym. The iconic celebrity scene at World Gym International began in 1976, and 44+ years later, we're still going strong. Everyone belongs at our fitness center in Rochester, NY, where staying healthy is a true passion, and workouts are no-nonsense but all fun. This is World Gym, the world-famous brand for seriously fun fitness. Our quality equipment and free weights is sure to get you feeling ready to become the most health-conscious version of you!

In terms of free weights, we provide barbells, dumbbells, racks and benches, the core of any good strength training program. Whether you’re an Olympic lifter, a powerlifter, a casual lifter or a first-time lifter, you’ll find everything you need to lift something heavy.

We have a broad selection of strength machines to help you get stronger. With selectorized strength machines, you can target individual areas and muscle groups and attack them from different angles. We work with the best manufacturers in the world to make sure you have the best equipment possible to help you succeed. Whether you want to get big, get lean or get strong, we have the options for you.

If you’re serious about improving your fitness, there is no better way to make a commitment than by scheduling a session with our world-class coaching staff. With rigorous training and certifications, our staff will create a customized fitness program to help you be your best self. We’ll evaluate your body composition, strength, mobility, stamina, speed and nutrition and help you develop goals to improve each of them. The first step is just deciding to start.

A gym membership with us includes everything you need to push yourself and be the best you can be. Our group classes are the perfect way to meet people and make friends who encourage each other.