In 1976, it all began here. The iconic celebrity fitness scene. The serious, no non-sense workout. The commitment to always remain a true gym, not a resort. A place where great shape is an authentic passion. Where you belong among friends. Where everyone's star, and you have the power to lift yourself to greatness. This is World Gym.

 Certifications: Certificate III Fitness, Certificate IV Fitness

 Specialitie(s): Sports Specific, Increase Muscle Mass, Rehabilitation, Weight Loss

I love helping others. Mainly through sports development of athletic performance and rehabilitation. But I am constantly educating myself. My favorite thing about Personal Training is helping others and seeing them grow and improving their quality of life.

 Certifications: Bachelor of Physical Science, Capoeira Coach, Level 1 Boxing Coach, Sports Injury Prevention & Treatment, PN Nutrition Level 1, MMA Fitness Coach, Certificate III & IV in Fitness

 Specialitie(s): Functional Training, Functional for Fighters, Capoeira, Boxing, Kickboxing, Weight Loss Management, Sports Specific Training, Prevention & Treatment, Motivation

Hello, my name is Julio, and I am here to assist you in transforming your routine so you can live an enjoyable and healthy life. My 20 years of experience has taught me that there is no magic formula or quick fix to a better life. That is why I go beyond the physical appearance and guide my clients through new positive habits that will change their lifestyle for good. Change is never easy, but staying still has never made anybody any different. That is why professional and experienced guidance can make each step lighter and the progress more comfortable. Send me a message and join us in this life transformation!

 Certifications: Certificate III Fitness, Certificate IV Fitness, Level 1 Master Trainer

 Specialitie(s): Female Transformations, Womens Mindset & Wellbeing, Womens Weightlifting

I’m your female transformation coach. I specialise in creating bikini bodies and I'm passionate about teaching women how to love the skin they are in. My passion developed when I turned myself from an insecure girl into an independent woman. Having suffered sever anxiety in the past, I know first-hand how intimidating the gym can be. But I also know how rewarding and fulfilling it is once you push through that initial discomfort and discover how powerful you truly are. I have acquired tools and techniques to defeat limiting beliefs and mental blocks. I have methods in place which encourage you to level up and take control of your mind and body. I have learned how to adapt and overcome situations which feel “too hard”. It is now my job to share these life-changing skills with other women. I attack health and fitness with a holistic approach, which means challenging the body AND the mind. My mission is to push females to their limits, encouraging them to become fitter, faster and stronger whilst instilling confidence, independence and strength. If we do not push ourselves to our limits, we will never be able to overcome them. I live by the notion "the only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday."

 Certifications: Certificate III Fitness, Certificate IV Fitness, Strength System Level 1 - ASC, Strength System Level 2 - ASC, FMA Level 1, FMA Level 2, Performance PT Level 1 - CHFI, Performance PT Level 2 - CHFI, Performance Nutrition Level 1 - CHFI, Performance Nutrition Level 2 - CHFI, Biosignature Level 1 - Poliquin Group

 Specialitie(s): Powerlifting, Building Muscle, Fat Loss, Pre & Post Natal, Nutrition

I have been a Personal Trainer since 2012 and have worked in 3 different gyms, training over 200 people and putting hours upon hours of time into developing myself into the best trainer I can possibly be. During my career a lot has changed but one thing has remained the same and that is my commitment to my clients and their desired results. I currently specialise in body recomposition, using the latest proven scientific methods. If you're looking to get strong, lose body fat, put on some muscle or need help with your pregnancy then I am the trainer for you!

 Certifications: Certificate III Fitness, Certificate IV Personal Training

 Specialitie(s): Bodybuilding, Hypertrophy, Functional & Crossfit Style Training, Disability Assistance, Life Coaching

G'day, I'm Matt! I've got over 12 years of fitness and gym experience and have been a personal trainer and coach for 6+ years. I'm a passionate and energetic guy who wants to see others get the very best out of life, whether that means pushing hard at the gym or sitting down to speak about what's on your mind, I'm here to help wherever I can. "When you become Fearless, Life becomes Limitless."

 Certifications: Certificate III Fitness, Certificate IV Fitness

 Specialitie(s): Weight Loss, Muscle Growth, Strength Gain, Motivation

I was diagnosed at 9 years old with Crohn’s disease. I battled for a good 6 years before finally getting an operation which removed 32 cm’s of my inflamed intestine. Being sick for so long really made me aware of how important it is to be healthy. Because of this, I got into health and fitness when I was about 16. I was one of the smallest kids in my grade during year 11 which is when I started to workout at home. The next few years involved me researching tips and tricks on how to train and how to grow muscle. The progress was slow in the beginning but I stuck at it, and months on I started to gain lean muscle and understand proper form and technique. A few years on and my Crohn’s was finally in remission and I was somewhat normal. I continued to exercise every day and very quickly fell in love with being as healthy as possible 7 years on and I have never looked back. The gym to me is a lot more than just lifting weights and working out. It’s a lifestyle, it’s my passion, and I want to share all the knowledge, love and experience I have with as many people possible.

 Certifications: Certificate III Fitness, Certificate IV Fitness

 Specialitie(s): Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Strength & Conditioning, Group Training, Programming, Mental Focus

I grew up teaching and helping others to improve both physically and mentally. I get pretty energetic when I see people progress in whatever they may be doing!