Memberships and Rates:

All memberships have:
-A $49 Enrollment Fee
-Access to the main floor and locker rooms
-Access to Dry Saunas 
-1 Free Personal Training Consultation

-1 Free Holistic Nutrition Consultation

World Gym Athletics

For WGA ONLY Enrollment Fee $29

$79.95/MO auto withdrawl

$39.99 Annual Fee

Our top tier membership that includes everything we have to offer! 

  • -ALL classes 
    -10% off all purchsaes 
    -Access to back Training Room
    (only accesable with a trainer or WGA membership)
    -Ability to add 2 Family members on for only 1 cent each, Fam has WGA benifits too!

    WG Premium w/ GroupEx&Spin
    $69.95/MO auto withdrawl
  • $39.99 Annual Fee
    12 Month Commiment 

    -Group Exercise Classes & Spin Classes

  • (GE: Yoga, Body Blast, Kickbocking, CardioKick, Etc.)

    $39.95/MO auto withdrawl
  • $39.99 Annual Fee
    12 Month Commiment 
    WG BASIC PIF : $499
    -Access to main floor 

    1 Week PIF

    -Access to main floor 

    Day Pass

    -Access to main floor

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