Hi WG Family!  


The time has come to move our classes indoors starting on Monday, September 28th.  We want to assure our WG community that we will be following strict guidelines to keep our members and staff safe while continuing our class programming throughout the colder months.  Please read below to see how indoor classes will operate:


  • All WGA classes and Spin classes will be held in the private back training room. This room has an industrial size ventilation system that is constantly pulling the air out of the room to outside and returning fresh outdoor air through the return vents.  There are multiple systems throughout the facility to keep the air in the gym clean.
  • Spin classes will have a max of 7 and bikes are 14ft apart.

  • WGA classes will have a max of 10 and spots are 8+ ft apart from each other.

  • The GroupX classes will be held in the GroupX room with a max class size of 6 or less with 8+ft apart from each other. 

  • Members and Instructors MUST wear a mask upon entering the classroom and until they have collected their equipment and landed in their spot.  Once at your designated space you may remove your mask for class.  Anytime you leave your designated spot a mask must be worn.  Please bring your own mask to class.  If you forget we will have masks at the front desk for use.

  • Both classrooms will have marked out areas on the floor for members and instructors to assure proper distance is maintained.

  • Equipment will be deeply sanitized after each class.

  • Classrooms are routinely checked and cleaned throughout the day.

  • Please check in for class on the app or at the front desk before heading into the classroom.

We look forward to seeing you in class!  If you have any signs of illness (cough, sneeze, runny nose, fever, body aches, fatigue, loss of smell or taste, etc.) we ask that you stay home.  We thank you for doing your part in keeping our community safe.  Check out our indoor class schedule starting on Monday, April 5th below:

BLUE Classes are Group Exercise Classes, included in the Premium- GroupEX membership.

YELLOW Classes are Spin Classes, included in the Premium-Spin membership.

ORANGE Classes are WGA classes, WGA members have access to ALL classes on this schedule.

Not a member? Call the club at 207-828-9900 to discuss drop in options for classes!