Hello WG community, we are thrilled to announce we will welcome back a daily outdoor class schedule starting on Monday, July 6th.  You can preview the schedule below.  In the meantime, we will offer a few pop up classes this week and next. Those classes are also listed below.

Information on how classes will operate:

  • Classes will be held in the private parking lot to your immediate left when you pull into World Gym from Marginal Way. 
  • Check in for classes on the app or at the front desk before class starts. 
  • Classes will be set up with 14ft of distance between each person as the current guidelines recommend.
  • A mask is required only when you are inside the WG building.  No mask needed for outside classes.
  • All equipment will be deeply sanitized between use.
  • Please bring your own mat to use.  We will not offer mats at this time.
  • If you feel sick (fever, cough, sneezing, temperature, etc.) or have been around anyone who has been sick please stay home.
  • All classes are weather permitting. Class will be cancelled for heavy rain, thunder/lightening, and extreme heat.  You can check the update of class cancellations one hour before class on social media or by calling the front desk.
  • Be respectful of one another’s space and have fun!

We will continue to follow the state guidelines very closely.  We will inform you of any changes along the way.  Keep an eye out on our social media pages and your email for updates as we add classes to our schedule once we get a sense of the demand for the summer.

We look forward to seeing you in class!


Emily Compson

WG Portland Program Director

Pop up classes: 


Thursday 6/25:

7am Yoga with Lauren

8:15am Weights, Core, and More with Rosina 



Friday 6/26:

12:15pm Spin with Adri (45-minute class)



Saturday 6/27:

9:15am Spin with Renee (45-minute class)



Sunday 6/28:

8am Spin with Adri (45-minute class)


Monday 6/29:

9am HIIT with Adri

5:30pm Cardio Kick with Jen



Tuesday 6/30:

6am HIIT with Emily

8:15am Cardio Kick with Rosina

12pm Kettlebell with Ryan



Wednesday 7/1:

6am HIIT with Josh

9am Spin with Adri

Daily Schedule starting on MONDAY, JULY 6th: This schedule is a temporary outdoor class schedule until we can move classes back indoors.  We will add classes as we see the demand.  Once we can safely operate classes inside we will navigate back to our original class schedule. 



9am HIIT with Adri

5:30pm Cardio Kick with Jen



6am HIIT with Emily

8:15am Cardio Kick with Rosina

12pm KB with Ryan



6am HIIT with Josh

9am Spin with Willa (45-minute class)



6am Spin with Emily (45-minute class)

7am Yoga with Lauren

8:15am Weights, Core and More with Rosina

6pm HIIT with AJ



6am Performance with Landon

12:15pm Spin with Adri (45-minute class)

5:30pm LIIT HIIT with Katy



9:15am Spin with Renee



8am Spin with Gina

9:15am Body Blast with Angela/Samantha