In 1976, it all began here. The iconic celebrity fitness scene. The serious, no non-sense workout. The commitment to always remain a true gym, not a resort. A place where great shape is an authentic passion. Where you belong among friends. Where everyone's star, and you have the power to lift yourself to greatness. This is World Gym.

Kip has an impressive and extensive history of being involved in coaching and teaching for over 35 years. He was a former Pro Hockey Player and Teacher before becoming a Head Coach and Recruiter at Okanagan Hockey Group in 2014. His many awards and certificates earned over the years have garnered much respect from his peers and colleagues and his background in education and sports allow him to be a valuable resource for a variety of questions. He likes all sports and outdoor activities.

Theresa has been very active her entire life. She loves participating in any outdoor activities, especially gardening, hiking, skiing and biking. Of course, working out has always been a priority for her and she's proud to be able to work and exercise both at World Gym. She is the very proud mom to a son & daughter that both live in Prince George with their families. She is also the very proud grandma to 3 & 1 year old boys and has the pictures to prove it! She also loves to travel as well and has plans to do more in the future. When she's not working out at the gym you can find her in the dual role of either attending the front desk or keeping our gym spotless with her exceptional cleaning.

Acacia is a very hard working, determined girl here at World Gym Penticton. Acacia swims with the local swim team, KISU and is their team captain for the season. Acacia has had many accomplishments with her swimming, from winning medals nationally, to representing Team BC internationally. Some of the international trips she has taken, have given her many amazing opportunities. Such as, watching Katie Ledecky break a world record, and going to Luxembourg to race against world-class athletes. Acacia has done many different sorts of athletics like; soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, triathlon. She probably will never have an enactive lifestyle. This is Acacia’s final year of High School and she is very excited to be heading off to University next year as she has committed to McGill University. Acacia is not only a swimmer, but she is amazing in the kitchen. She loves to bake, and we really appreciate it when she brings us her baked goods.

Being active, staying fit, and playing sports have always held an important role in Sam’s life. Growing up, Sam developed a strong passion for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Sam has participated in many sports such as: hockey, lacrosse, baseball, volleyball and weight training. One year ago, in September, Sam started training in the weight room and instantly fell in love with the sport. His passion for weightlifting has allowed him to keep a positive attitude and become more confident in his own body. He is currently training with the goal of competing in a men’s physique competition in the future. As it is his senior year in high school, Sam will be attending OUC Kelowna in the fall to pursue a career as an electrician, ultimately, he would like to earn his Red Seal in this trade. He also has plans to pursue his goal of becoming a firefighter.

Derek first became interested in fitness at the age of 17 after spending most of his life overweight. After undergoing a significant fat loss transformation, he found his passion for training and nutrition and the science behind them. Derek is currently working hard towards eventually earning a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and is among the top of his class with a 4.0 GPA. Although not actively participating in any sports, he is an avid competitive bodybuilding fan and plans to begin competing within the next few years. Derek has firsthand experience working as an International Sports Sciences Association Certified Personal Trainer and Certified World Gym Athletics coach, helping with diet plans, and teaching lessons on nutrition in high school Strength and Conditioning classes.

Growing up Ken enjoyed pretty much any sport that had had a bat, stick, racquet, club or ball. And now as an active senior, Ken continues to enjoy a variety of sports. He remains an avid golfer and enjoys cycling, tennis, squash and wallyball and has recently started attending and excelling in our World Gym Athletics classes. His great organizational skills help in his role of coordinating schedules for wallyball and squash events and his friendly personality will instantly make you feel comfortable if you have any questions or need help or an 'air-high-five' if you're in a class with him.

Sonya is a Personal Trainer with over 12 yrs experience training clients one-on-one and in group formats. She has a competitive side and an extensive athletic resume which includes gymnastics, soccer, downhill slalom, track & field and triathlon. She was also a member of Team Canada for the 2017 World Championship Multisport Festival here in Penticton. Certified in Personal Training, Weight Training and Group Fitness, Triathlon Coaching, Indoor Cycling and TRX, Sonya enjoys training clients of all different ages and abilities and is also a popular dry land conditioning coach for sports teams. Some of her favorite classes to teach are TRX, Indoor Cycling, Abs/Butt&Thighs and HIIT. Her philosophy is to create a fun and welcoming environment for clients to develop and achieve their health and fitness goals, whatever they may be. Whether you are new and just starting your fitness journey, a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, contact me today and together we can reach your goals! "To love what you do and know that it matters, how could anything be more fun?"

Jarrett first got into fitness when he was 20 years old out of necessity while working in the oil field. However, what started as a necessity quickly turned into a passion, and over the past eight years he has been tirelessly trying to improve his training and expand his knowledge of fitness. Over that time there was a lot of growth, but also, lots mistakes and wasted effort trying to piece together what works and what doesn't. The drive to help beginners skip all of those same mistakes and wasted hours at the gym and see success faster is what inspired Jarrett to pursue a career in personal training. Having been just recently certified he is excited and looking forward to helping people achieve their fitness goals with the hope that they become as addicted to fitness as he is.