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This is how you get started. We ensure that every athlete feels safe, confident and prepared. We coach you on the key movements you’ll need to succeed in our Performance classes. You’ll be learning with other athletes who will become some of your new training partners. After three sessions, you’ll be athletic ready. Foundations will teach you how to move efficiently and safely, and will welcome you to the World Gym Athletics family.


Our signature daily training session is the most complete training you’ve ever done. Each week is carefully programmed to ensure you get a well-balanced training program. You’ll train with the group while you are individually coached. Our comprehensive training matrix ensures that you get all-over strong and lean. Be ready to lift a barbell, jump on a box, do some pull-ups, push yourself farther than you thought you could and have a lot of fun doing it. We coach skill and technique before adding intensity and weight. We train hard with science- based programming that helps you progress. Athletes of all ability levels will succeed.


More than just boot camp. This is high intensity interval training camp! You’ll use body weight, kettle bells, medicine balls, jump ropes, dumbbells and more. We blast all your muscle groups. You will burn mega calories and get head-to-toe strong and lean. HIIT Camp is fast-paced, fun and challenging.


The ultimate treadmill workout to burn more calories in less time. Heart-pounding music will inspire you through treadmill intervals as a team. Coaches will guide you to improve your form to run faster, more efficiently and injury free. PACE helps you run efficiently and maximize your time in the gym. Whether you want to be a better runner or just get lean and strong, PACE will work for you.

One Barbell

A 30-minute class designed to get you all-over strong. Each class includes 10 minutes of prep, skill and technique, and 20 minutes of all-out, fast-paced barbell and bodyweight movements. One Barbell is perfect for athletes who want a fun, complete, full-body workout in just 30 minutes.


Rowing is a full body workout, 3 times more effective than any other form of cardio.  ROW-IT is the ultimate cardio workout in just 30 minutes.  Coaches will lead you through rowing intervals to get your heart pounding and your whole body strong.   With encouragement from your fellow athletes, you will learn to improve your form and increase your power and stamina.   When you can row long distances efficiently, you’ll be able to lift more weight, improving your overall strength.


If you want to be strong, you need good mobility.  SMASH is a 30-minute class designed to help athletes increase their range of motion, help with recovery and improve their form.   Coaches will guide you through dynamic stretching with floor exercises, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, partner stretching, barbells, bands and more.  You will mash out your muscles, stretch your limitations and prepare your body to be leaner, faster and stronger.

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