Group Low Intensity Exercise Protocol
(as per December 9, 2020 update from the Order of the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia).

Studio Provides:

- Minimum 2M spacing marked in and outside class (line up).

            - Hand sanitization at entry door of group fitness studio.

            - UVC sanitization in HVAC system.

            - No fans.

            - Room and equipment fogged with disinfectant after every class.

            - Instructor will wear a mask at all times and not participate in class.  Only verbal
               instruction to assist and motivate.                     

            - Instructor is responsible to guide and direct members on cleaning, picking and
               replacing equipment. (One member at a time.)

Member responsibility: (after answering all 3 Covid questions at entry to the building)

- Pre-register for classes.

            - Enter and exit in single file manner at instructor guidance.

            - Physical distance in line up and in studio.

            - Arrive no sooner than 10 minutes before class start.

            - Wear mask at all times. (May lower to chin once on a safe zone mark.)

            - Hand sanitize prior to entering class.

            - Clean equipment before and after use.

            - Respect all rules and instructions.

            - Arrive to class fully changed and ready.

            - Must keep water in their own safe zone area.