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Team Statement

At World Gym Pensacola we take pride in getting our members the results they deserve. Our qualified team of athletes and pro trainers access each member to determine the best path to take to reach the members desired goals. We train "Real People" & we get " Real Results". CHAMPION YOUR LIFE TODAY!

 Experience: 6 years

 Certifications: NASM

 Secret Power: Stone Skipper

David is a professional stone skipper. He has tremendous tendon strength seldom seen in mere man. He has won 5 Grand Prix International Stone Skipping Tournaments between 2016-2019. He once skipped a rock through the Whales Mouth in Portknockie Moray Firth Scotland to win the Scottland Open. David swears his success is due to him saving the life of a wounded water sprite that he nursed to health and released when he was only a young lad. For World Gym training call us at 541-840-2337 and ask for lead trainer Luke Richey.

 Experience: 8 years floor and management PT

 Certifications: AFAA

 Secret Power: Luke is a sol acrobalance professional .

In the grind for seven years running and writing training programs and diets for hundreds of clients each month. Luke is candid and speaks about realistic goals in realistic time. He believes a solid foundation equals success. He has an eye for details and his clients are thankful for their results. Luke is also a life coach, and all World Gym personal training is scheduled out by Luke. For training at World Gym call or text our lead trainer Luke Richey at 541-840-2337. You will not regret the results you will get.

 Experience: 55 years

 Certifications: Too many to list

 Secret Power: Celebrity Trainer

Chat is a World Gym personal trainer, who has worked out with some of the iconic pro bodybuilders. Chat hails from Orange County California and spent decades training and hanging with the Hollywood crowd. After a lifetime of celebrity personal training and being a serious competitor, Chat's knowledge of the physics and mechanics of the human body will immediately impress you. He is extremely driven, reliable and passionate about everything he does. Chat is a seasoned certified personal trainer working in both Pensacola and Cantonment locations. He enjoys working with a wide range of age and ability levels, specializing in weight loss and helping individuals set personal goals to reach their maximum potential. As a young man Chat once appeared as guest poser on the Jack LaLanne show. Today Chat prefers to keep a low profile and likes to relax on the beach solo when he is not training. For World Gym training call us at 541-840-2337 and ask for lead trainer Luke Richey.

 Experience: 25 years

 Specialitie(s): Power Lifting

 Secret Power: World Record Holder

Pat Porter – Specific only - Powerlifting Coach USPA National and State Record Holder (5) USPA World Records USPA Certified Coach Praticioner 20 years experience in Personal Training, Contest Prep and Meet Prep, and Nutrition. For training call us at 541-840-2337 and ask for lead trainer Luke Richey.

 Experience: 30 years of personal training and group classes

 Certifications: cpr, group training

 Secret Power: fitness chef

My name is Tammy Cameron. I am a former IFBB competitor and love the world of fitness. Fitness has always been my passion. I owned my own gym for 30 years and recently decided that I wanted to spend some of my free time helping others reach their fitness goals. I teach the Silver classes here at World Gym 3-4 days per week. For training call us at 541-840-2337 and ask for lead trainer Luke Richey.

 Experience: Bachelors in Exercise Science, Silver Sneakers Certified, CPR Certified, 7 years in training, Internship at Andrews Medical Park

 Specialitie(s): Functional Fitness, Balance and Mobility training, Endurance training , Triathlon training, Senior fitness, Boot camp style training, Weight loss, Women’s health

Credentials Bachelors in Exercise Science Silver Sneakers Certified CPR Certified 12 years in training Internship at Andrews Medical Park Specialities Functional Fitness Balance and Mobility training Endurance training Triathlon training Senior fitness Boot camp style training Weight loss Women’s health For training call us at 541-840-2337 and ask for lead trainer Luke Richey.

 Certifications: AFAA Group EX Instructor, AFAA Certified Trainer

 Experience: 7 Years

 Secret Power: Competitive fitness and bikini winner

Robin is certified World Gym Athletics and Silver Sneakers instructor at World Gym Pensacola. She is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys strength training, competing as a body building figure competitor, and triathlons. With a Doctorate of Pharmacy, she has a wide breadth of medical knowledge. She loves watching her clients get stronger, more fit and reach their fitness goals. For training call us at 541-840-2337 and ask for lead trainer Luke Richey.

 Experience: 5 year Experience Enhancement Consultant

 Specialitie(s): Best detailed Tour of World Gym you will ever have

 Secret Power: Paint Power- Bryan once painted an entire 10,000 sq/ft building with a 2 inch paint brush.

Bryan Barnett, a native of Pensacola, is an avid lifter and volleyball player. Bryan works the evening shift and would love to give you a World Gym Tour of the facility. Bryan boast as having done over 10k tours of the World Gym Pensacola facility. #BryansWorldGymToursaretheBest #OnlyTourwithBryan

 Experience: 5 years in gym business

 Certifications: Troy State - Nutrition

 Secret Power: Home Runs - Edwin once hit 3 homeruns and pitched 5 shutout innings in one game!!!

Hi, Im Edwin your World Gym opening manager. I grew up working in a gym. I've cleaned toilets, signed up members, spotted many on their personal PR's, and toured thousands around the gym. I want to help make your morning workout be the best it can be. My goal is to make you smile each morning.

 Experience: 8 years

 Certifications: Global Cleaning Bio Hazard, and Chemical expert

 Secret Power: bird whisperer

I have 9 years of experience in the fitness industry. I like to keep my facility clean, and all the equipment maintained and operating correctly. The last thing I want to hear from a member is an excuse about the facility that caused the member to not meet their goals. I enjoy meeting new members and helping them live a healthy and active lifestyle. I am an animal lover, enjoy boating, going to the beach with my family, and keeping myself fit through exercise. I arise each morning at 4am and spend my first hour communicating with my fine feathered friends that surround my tranquil home on Scenic Highway. To date, I have mastered over 865 bird calls.

 Experience: 1 yr

 Specialitie(s): Gorilla Garden Quality Control

 Secret Power: Pro Weight Racker

Brett racked over 110,000 pounds of weights, bars, kettlebells, dumbells, and slam balls achieving his personal PR while staffed at a powerlifting meet this past year. Next year he is going for the Triple Triple Weight Racking Title of 100,000 pounds lifted in three consecutive days in a row for a total of 300,000 pounds. He plans to achieve this Triple Triple Title while working at next years Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio. Go Brett!!!