Urgent Message from World Gym

A message to all our World Gym-Pawling Family:

We realize, as a family, how scary and unknown of a situation we are all in. As a family owned business for 32 years, we thrive off our members, fitness, health, and want the best for each and everyone one of you.
The biggest and scariest factor for all of us is the unknown. When will this all be over and when will we go back to work? When will businesses and schools be reopened? When will we go back to normal living?

After overwhelming support not to, World Gym Pawling will be suspending all membership dues until we are up and running again. Those members that are prepaid, we will extend your memberships for the time lost. We will proactively help all those who financially need support with their memberships and will help all New members as well.

We want to see everyone doing well, staying healthy and physically active. Let's do this together. We are one community, one gym, and one family.
While we are closed, we will continue to have our facility cleaned extensively, renovating and updating throughout the gym, and continuing to make the gym better for you!

During this time, please realize we are not at the gym to answer the phone and will make every effort to answer every email promptly. We will help all our members during this time.

Thank you and God Bless,

The McElroy Family