World Gym in Palm Desert is not your typical gym. We like to think of ourselves, staff and members, as an extended family. At our gym, we have created a friendly, energetic and supportive environment for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

 Specialitie(s): Golf Fitness, Strength, Flexibility

Knees or back hurting after your last round? Bryan Geiberger will tailor a workout for your to add strength and flexibility and decrease your strokes. Give us a call or check in with the front desk for details or to make an appointment.

 Experience: 17 Years Personal Training at World Gym Palm Desert

 Certifications: ISSA

Brenda has been getting people into great shape at World Gym Palm Desert for 17 years.

 Specialitie(s): Insanity Aerobics

Jasmine Parker instructs Pure Insanity at World Gym Palm Desert. The name says it all, this workout is full body and, well, insane!

 Experience: 7 Years with World Gym Palm Desert

 Specialitie(s): Personal Training, Holistic Health Coach

A personal trainer and holistic health coach, Zack specializes in various types of massages including: Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports massage, Thai massage, Cranial sacral , and Acupressure. Give us a call to set up an appointment with Zack or check in with the front desk for details.