Pick the Best Personal Trainer

Group workout classes have many undisputed benefits, but personal training has become just as popular in health clubs and gyms throughout Palm Desert. Sometimes, a great personal trainer is exactly what you need to make progress, especially if you feel you are stuck in a rut.

While there are many personal trainers in Palm Desert, how to choose the one that will suit your needs best? Should you prioritize the trainer’s expertise or experience? Would you choose a PT you like even if you don’t like the gym they work in?

Check out the relevant questions and answers below and find the answers to your own questions.

What are your goals?

Do you simply want to get in shape, build your body mass or lose weight? It’s crucial that you know exactly what you want to achieve with the workout. You will agree that golf fitness and bodybuilding are not exactly similar and yield completely different results. Just like you would choose different classes to suit different purposes, you should also choose a personal trainer who is best equipped to help you achieve your goals.

What’s the trainer’s specialty?

After defining the goals you want to achieve with the personal training workout, look for a PT that specializes in the corresponding field. Say you want to work on your golf fitness. You should choose a personal trainer that specializes in golf fitness and not, say, aerobics. World Gym Palm Desert boasts an award-winning trainer specializing in golf fitness - Bryan Geiberger. He will tailor the workout for you to help you increase flexibility and decrease your strokes.

When choosing the best PT in Palm Desert, always ask about the specialty and try to choose the trainer who specializes exactly in what you need.

Is the trainer qualified/certified?

If you are going to entrust an individual with managing your body fitness, you should make sure they have the relevant qualifications. Sure, experience matters, but relevant knowledge and an already developed skills set is a prerequisite for becoming a successful personal trainer.

If a trainer is certified by ACE, ACSM, AFPA, AFAA, ISSA, IFPA, NASM, NESTA, and/or NSCA, it means they went through guided training and acquired necessary knowledge and skills set. These certifications are trustworthy so you can rely on them when making your decision.

Additionally or alternatively, you can check if the PT has a BA or BS in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Bio-Physiology, etc.

Does the PT account for your diet plan?

Eating healthy is a great thing but did you know that it’s as important as the workout? That’s right – you can exercise all you want in the best gyms in Palm Desert, but if you don’t have a proper nutrition plan, the results won’t be that grand. For that reason, a great personal trainer will work with you to develop a tailored nutrition plan for you, accounting for the best foods to eat (or avoid) to achieve your fitness goals.

Choosing a great personal trainer is not easy and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Go through these questions again and bear them in mind when making the decision.