Why Step Aerobics Is Great

Nowadays, there are many dance-inspired aerobics classes such as Zumba, so people tend to think that aerobics is the thing of the past. But we can assure you that not only is aerobics still popular but it also evolved into a myriad of exciting forms and classes. For example, World Gym Palm Desert boasts the incredibly popular Insanity Aerobics class – the local gym-goers are crazy about this intense yet fun full-body workout!

Aerobics is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t require you to actually have rhythm like Zumba or other dance-y classes might require. So, if you still like shaking your booty to some of the greatest dance hits without anyone judging your dance skills, aerobics is just the thing for you. Also, aerobics is great for everyone that prefers group classes to personal training workout.

And here are some of the other undisputed benefits of joining your local gym and signing up for aerobics classes!

High-intensity calorie burning

Don’t let anyone fool you – aerobics is serious workout. All that jumping about and sweating amounts to loads of fat burned! Did you know that step aerobics burns 6 times more calories than sitting? So, doing step even once a week does wonders – imagine what you can achieve if you commit to a regular workout routine at your local gym!

Steps are easy to learn

One of the many wonders of aerobics is that the basic steps are almost always the same and pretty easy. After a couple of sessions, you may have the feeling you’re reading the instructors’ mind. As a result, you’ll quickly become more relaxed and aware of what your body is doing, and you can start integrating some new steps with confidence and swagger!

Energizing workout

Few exercise classes are said to be as energizing as aerobics! Since aerobics is a fantastic cardio exercise, it can leave you all sweaty, but also refreshed, as your blood circulation improves drastically. Improved blood flow means better distribution of blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout your whole body. Better circulation will help you sleep better, adding to the energy you will get directly from the workout.

Stronger heart

As mentioned above, aerobics is an outstanding cardio workout. Doing aerobics regularly at a reliable local gym reduces risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. The heart muscle grows stronger and more efficient at pumping blood. In combination with improved blood flow, the heart is safeguarded against untimely failure.

Pure Insanity Aerobics at World Gym Palm Desert

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