Gyms vs. Health Clubs

Have you noticed that the term health club is sometimes used interchangeably with gym or fitness center? While, technically speaking, each is a facility or actual club for athletic and general fitness activities, there are some differences.

If you are thinking of joining a gym in Palm Desert, but you want to know whether a health club offers something more, read through to find out.

What is a gym?

Shortened from gymnasium, the ‘’gym’’ concept is actually quite old. Ancient, to be exact. Namely, Ancient Greeks developed the concept out of the spaces they used for taking care of their physical fitness.

The first gym in the U.S. opened in 1925, a few years after gymnasium (modern day Physical Education) was established as a subject in schools.

Until relatively recently, gyms offered only weight lifting and possibly bodybuilding. A typical gym had a variety of machines and equipment for indoor workouts, where people would take turns and work out mostly on their own.

Nowadays, the number and range of the workout equipment is larger. Much like health clubs, some gyms may offer classes. While personal training is common in gyms, there aren’t many different group classes as there would be in a fitness or health club. 

What is a health club?

A health club is a superordinate term to gym. It means that a health club will provide everything your typical Palm Desert gym would, and more. For instance, a health club has all the training machines and equipment you can find in a gym, but also organizes 1-1 and group classes. The number and variety of classes depends on how big and luxurious the health club is.

In addition to group classes, health clubs provide personal training services. Personal trainers are certified and experienced body wellness professionals. Great Palm Desert health clubs have instructors and trainers with specialties such as boxing, aerobics, yoga, golf fitness, bodybuilding, spinning, etc.

In addition to classes, health clubs provide a wider variety of amenities than gyms. For example, Palm Desert health clubs typically offer pools, steam rooms, saunas, healthy juice and snack bars. Some, like World Gym Palm Desert, offer physical therapy and holistic health counseling as well.

It’s not uncommon for health clubs to organize various social events for their members. After all, a health club philosophy is to promote the wellness of the whole body and mind.

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