Before You Join a Gym

Thinking about joining a gym? With so many gyms out there, how do you know which one would be the best for you? Here are some questions to consider (and ask) before you sign up for membership in any gym.

Is the gym far from my home?

Did you know that you are more likely to skip a workout session if your gym is more than 12 minutes away from your home or workplace? The greater the distance, the more reasons you can come up with not to go. So, see which of the gyms is the closest to you and move on to other questions.

What does my gum membership include?

A great Palm Desert gym is also a fitness center – it provides more than just a place to work out. You should ask about whether there are personal trainers available too coach you through the training, especially if you a first-time gym-goer.

Also, ask about whether the gym offers group workout classes – maybe the extra support from fellow gym-goers is just what you need. It’s more fun when you have company.

Specialized machines and equipment are also a plus. For example, World Gym Palm Desert provides all sorts of modern cardio machines, from elliptical machines and treadmills to stationary bikes.

Some gyms go an extra mile with amenities. For instance, World Gym now offers physical therapy that can be billed through Medicare and most other insurances!

Are your instructors certified and have their own specialties?

Not everyone can (or should!) be a fitness instructor. Great gyms like World Gym Palm Desert employ certified instructors with relevant experience in different areas of body wellness. What’s more, our instructors have their own specialties. For example, Zack Wiles specializes in personal training and is an award-winning holistic health coach. Brenda Leiser is certified by ISSA, while Jasmine Parker specializes in Insanity Aerobics. If you want to improve your golf fitness, strength or flexibility, Bryan Geiberger is an award-winning golf fitness trainer.

Do you offer free passes?

When you compare different gyms, you will usually see descriptions of different classes and types of workout. There should also be pictures. But, none of that is descriptive enough as experiencing it first-hand. Before you sign up for a class you think is great, you should try it out. Try out the same type of workout in different gyms and decide which one you like best. A good gym should provide free passes, no strings attached.

For example, World Gym Palm Desert offers a 7-day pass for you to try out the gym. Most other gyms offer only a 1-day pass! We give you 7 days to try out different classes – there are so many great classes so we want you to have enough time to give them a go and decide on the best fit for you!

Try us – we know you’ll love us!