Workout at Different Hours

People are different, which implies that not everyone feels the same way about working out the morning as they do about working out in the afternoon. While personal preference and busy daily schedules may be the main contributing factors in determining the best hours (and locations in our Palm Desert neighborhood) for us to work out, it doesn’t hurt to ask ourselves: how does my body feel about my workout routine?

You should listen to your body. If you consistently work out in the morning but still feel tired and low on energy, maybe you should switch to afternoon. Or if you keep skipping your afternoon aerobics fitness class, maybe you should start working out in the morning. Or simply switch to a closer location.

Whatever works for you, it doesn’t hurt to look into different implications and benefits of working out in the morning as opposed to working out in the afternoon.

Morning workout advantages

Some people like working out in the morning for the peace of mind. If they start their day with physical exercise, they feel good about themselves because their day started with an activity beneficial to their body. And we all know that mental and physical health work together to determine our overall wellbeing.

What’s more, the hours during the morning are typically less busy than afternoon hours. That’s why it may be more convenient to hit your favorite outdoor running location or fitness center before work rather than after work.

Additionally, there is a study that showed that working out at 7 am even helps some people sleep better at night. Moreover, they feel more energized during the day because early-morning exercise increases their heart rate and body temperature, so they are able to be more productive at work.

Finally, some studies showed that half an hour to 45-minute of moderate fitness activity in the morning can curb appetite, in addition to burning more fat on an empty stomach.

Afternoon workout advantages

As our body temperature increases as they day progresses, we may find that afternoon fitness workouts at a location close to our work or home works better than morning workouts. After all, as our body gets warmer, our muscles are less stiff, which reduces the risk of injury during the workout. Our muscle endurance also typically peaks later in the day, which may be a better time for us to do more physically demanding exercises.

The afternoon is also the time when reaction time is quickest while heart rate is lowest, which can greatly improve our performance.

Fitness exercise at regular hours at your favorite location

Regardless of what time of day you prefer to work out, fitness experts agree that regularity may be the most important factor. If you commit to regular workout hours, you are likely to get better results than if you exercises at irregular intervals every week.

So, choosing the right location to work out is crucial. You would want the fitness facility to be close to your work or home, preferably both. After all, the closer the location is to your home or work, the less likely you are to skip sessions.

World Gym Palm Desert is a cutting-edge workout facility with plenty of classes and amenities, including physical therapy. We offer a 7-day free pass, so reach out to us and start working out more effectively!