World Gym Palm Desert: Fitness

World Gym Palm Desert is a franchise of a globally renowned fitness center World Gym. Palm Desert is one of the 215 World Gym fitness center locations across 6 continents. Each franchise embodies the unique fitness philosophy and rich tradition of World Gym.

How it all began

World Gym was founded by Joe Gold, a well-know bodybuilder and businessman, in 1976 in Venice Beach, California, during the glory days of ‘’Muscle Beach’’. Before he opened World Gym, Joe Gold had run Gold’s Gym, which he sold in 1973, along with the rights to his name. As a result, when he decided to reopen the gym, he couldn’t use his own name.

World Gym was instantly recognized as unique due to the fact that all the equipment was handmade by Joe Gold, including the dumbbells. Being a professional ‘’muscleman’’ himself, he knew what it took to build a great body, the knowledge he used to calculate all the angles and pulleys.

All major bodybuilders of the time worked out in Joe’s gym. Among the greats was Arnold Schwarzenegger, who worked out in Gold’s gym when he first came to the United States. It is where he sculpted his body which earned him the title of Mr. Olympia. Schwarzenegger even served as World Gym’s CEO for 3 years during Gold’s recovery from health issues.

Later years

By the early 1980s, World Gym was already a worldwide phenomenon and a global fitness icon. The gym in the Valley was bought by bodybuilder Steve Davies, who continued cultivating Joe Gold’s fitness and bodybuilding philosophy, while Gold retailed and held licensing rights to the Santa Monica location until his death in 2004.


World Gym is now owned by the Cammilleri family, and continues to be an internationally recognized fitness center. It also offers workout products such as accessories, gym clothing, sports bags, nutrition products and more. Apart from offering fitness and nutrition seminars, personal training in fitness and nutrition, boxing, kick-boxing, bodybuilding and mixed martial arts, World Gym organizes contests for mixed martial arts, bodybuilding and athletics.

World Gym Palm Desert

As an internationally recognized fitness brand, World Gym offers franchising opportunities. World Gym Palm Desert is an official franchise of World Gym International, which prides itself of being a supportive environment for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

World Gym Palm Desert is managed by a team of certified trainers and instructors with their own specialties in: golf fitness, personal training, aerobics, holistic health, fitness, yoga, Zumba, Pump, PIYO, spin, and more.

World Gym Palm Desert boasts a number of amenities, including cardio and strength machines, free weights, and offers group as well as personal training and coaching classes. As of recently, World Gym Palm Desert has partnered with Spine and Sport San Diego to offer physical therapy covered by most insurances including Medicare.

Come and join a fitness and health center with a long-standing tradition. Work out with award-winning trainers and instructors towards building a healthy and beautiful body!