Meet the Team!

At World Gym Oxnard, our team strives to provide top-notch service to all of our members. We believe in producing quality service from our cleaning staff to our training staff. Members come to World Gym for not only a great workout, but to enjoy the close-knit culture World Gym Oxnard has to offer!

 Certifications: Hype Man

Gorilla Joe helps members stay excited about their health and fitness goals!

 Certifications: IFPA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, American Heart Association Heartsaver (First Aid, CPR, and AED, Child CPR, AED, Infant CPR), AFAA Indoor Cycling Instructor, AFAA Pilates Instructor, AFAA Group Resistance Training Instructor, AFAA Yoga Instructor, AFAA Mat Science I & II Instructor, AFAA G.E.A.R. Instructor, Les Mills BODYPUMP Instructor, Les Mills SPRINT Instructor, Zumba Fitness Instructor.

Tiffany is a Group Fitness Professional with over 15 years in the fitness industry. Her goal is to help people reach their wellness goals by providing an exciting, all-inclusive environment for members to thrive in every aspect of their health. She believes that fitness should be both contagiously fun and highly effective, allowing members to achieve serious fitness results through engagement and consistency. Tiffany holds over 15 professional fitness certifications and has traveled the world as a consultant, presenting at numerous fitness conventions and conferences. She has managed large-scale Group Exercise Programs reaching over 1M sessions annually and has overseen instructor networks of over 1K. Her favorite group fitness classes are Les Mills BODYPUMP, Zumba, and Cycling.

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

 Certifications: World Gym Athletics, PACE, World Cycling, STAGES, World Gym Athletics, One Barbell

 Specialitie(s): Group training, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain

Josh has always been outgoing and active his entire life. From a young age Josh enjoyed sports such as football, basketball, wrestling, cross country and baseball. His main love being football and basketball. Josh became a personal trainer because he was passionate about health and fitness and enjoys helping clients and inspiring them to push themselves inside and outside the gym. Josh specializes in group classes, HIIT, and weight loss. Josh strives to make his clients feel comfortable, and confident they can succeed.

 Certifications: World Gym Athletics, One Barbell

 Specialitie(s): Olympic Lifting

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Ever since Stephany was a little kid, she has loved sports and learning new ways of exercising. Her passion motivated her to participate in as many athletic competitions as she possibly could. During the last 7 years, she dedicated herself to practicing different types of exercises such as boot camps, CrossFit, aerial silks and pole fitness. As an athlete, Stephany participated in CrossFit for 5 years and competed in many local tournaments. One of her other greatest passions is aerial dance in which she dedicated 7 years to and instructed for 3 years. Among Stephany's certifications, she has achieved pole dance Level I Instructor as well as achieving outstanding student. It has been almost 1 year since Stephany has moved to Oxnard and feels that becoming a trainer at World Gym is one of the best things that has happened since she moved here.

 Certifications: PACE, World Cycle, STAGES, World Gym Athletics, One Barbell

 Specialitie(s): Weight Loss, Muscle Gain

Like most people, Randall grew up in sports playing competitively. As he aged, life got a hold of him and his focus became his kids as a single father. During that time period, he gained about 100 pounds. In 2014, his passion for health and fitness was rekindled when his youngest son left off for college and he was left to focus back on himself, but ended up weighing in at 318 pounds as a pre-diabetic, finding himself following his father's footsteps as a stage 2 diabetic. Randall realized it was time to make a lifestyle change, so he joined a gym. That gym just so happened to be Powerhouse, which is now World Gym Corporation. While changing his lifestyle habits, he was able to lose 101 pounds in 9 months while at this facility. His loyalty has now become helping members change their lives as he did here at his home gym, World Gym Oxnard. His new health and fitness goals are to assist as many people as possible so they too, can change their lives for the better; and what better place to do that, but the place that started it all for him.

 Specialitie(s): Building muscle & Speed

 Certifications: ExpertRating Personal Trainer

Zack was born in Houston, Texas in the Bay Area. He was the oldest son out 5 boys and had to be a role model for his younger brothers. He began playing sports at 9 yrs old which then became something he later excelled at in football. At the high school level, he was known for rushing over 1300 yards in 18 touchdowns and named The Running Back of the year and was MVP of his team his senior year. He continued his football career at Santa Rosa Junior College, but stopped playing once he had his daughter. Luckily for him, his little brother kept the tradition going in football by receiving a scholarship to ASU and ended up playing in the NFL. In the end, his brother inspired and motivated him in a career in fitness. Zack's goal is to inspiring others and remind them that health is their best wealth and that a Strong Body = Strong Mind.

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

 Certifications: World Gym Athletics

 Specialitie(s): Muscle gain and weight loss

Mario been passionate about fitness since 2011. He developed a passion to help others achieve their personal fitness goals, weather it be fat loss, weight gain, muscle growth or overall fitness health. He is here at World Gym to help and keep you on the right track!

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Hometown- Oxnard
Favorite Hobby- Hike
Favorite Cheat Meal- Pizza
Least Favorite Exercise- wall squat

Hometown- Ojai, Ca
Favorite Hobby- Baking
Favorite Cheat Meal- Any chocolate
Least Favorite Exercise- Sit ups

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Hometown- Oxnard, Ca
Favorite Hobby- Trying new cafe's
Favorite Cheat Meal- Large Topper's Pizza
Least Favorite Exercise- Legs

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Hometown- Oxnard
Favorite Hobby- Muay Thai
Favorite Cheat Meal- cinnamon rolls
Least Favorite Exercise- squats

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Hometown- Oxnard, CA
Favorite Hobby- Hiking
Favorite Cheat Meal- Toppers Pizza
Least Favorite Exercise- Pull-ups

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Hometown- Los Angeles
Favorite Hobby- Exercise
Favorite Cheat Meal- Pizza
Least Favorite Exercise- Push Ups

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Hometown- Sonora, Mexico
Favorite Hobby- Work out
Favorite Cheat Meal- Chips
Least Favorite Exercise- Cycling

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Hometown- Oxnard
Favorite Hobby- Hiking & Dancing
Favorite Cheat Meal- donuts
Least Favorite Exercise- sit ups

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Hometown- Oxnard
Favorite Hobby- Reading
Favorite Cheat Meal- Toppers pizza & In-N-Out
Least Favorite Exercise- Abs and Cardio

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Hometown- Camarillo
Favorite Hobby- Spartan OCR
Favorite Cheat Meal- Chicken & Waffles with extra gravy
Least Favorite Exercise- Pull-Ups

Hometown- Camarillo
Favorite Hobby- Working out
Favorite Cheat Meal- Pizza
Least Favorite Exercise- cardio

Favorite Band: Breed Hate
Favorite exercise: deadlift
Least favorite muscle to train: biceps
Favorite Motivational Quote: "Believe to achieve"

 Secret Power: Se Habla Espanol

Favorite Band: Coldplay
Favorite exercise: Burpees
Least favorite muscle to train: Legs & Glutes
Favorite Motivational Quote: "Don't stop when it hurts, stop when you're done."

Favorite Band: New Edition
Favorite exercise: Standing rows
Least favorite muscle to train: Back
Favorite Motivational Quote: "your EFFORT equals your RESULTS."