Our Team

Group Fitness Instructors - Personal Trainers / Coaches - Physiotherapists

 Certifications: Master Trainer, Certificate III Group Instructor, Certificate IV Personal Trainer, Punchfit Instructor, First Aid and CPR

 Specialitie(s): Weight Management, Functional Fitness, Stability/Mobility Training, Pre-entry Prep into Emergency Services, Versatile Skill Development, Specific Program Design

I believe training is about strengthening yourself from the inside out, mentally and physically. Building a strong foundation through core strength, functionality and building vast amount of knowledge along the way. By taking this approach towards your training, you will not only reach your goals by improving your body's composition, but endure the strength required to sustain the changes to empower your physical and mental development. M: 0447326747 E: ptmanager@nothlakes.worldgym.com.au

 Certifications: BSc Sport & Exercise Science, Recomp Trainer, ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist, Certificate III & IV, Strength & Conditioning Level 1, Certificate Core Strength & Functional Training, Certified in Power Training

 Specialitie(s): Body Recompostion, Competition Prep, Nutrition Planning, Strength Training

Changing the human body is a phenomenal experience. I specialize in focusing on that one goal for you by utilizing two simple forms of measurement. Together you will achieve the results you desire and experience what it feels like to be an athlete. Consistency and hard work can take you a long way, experiencing short term pain, will result in long term gain. PH: 0412 421 165 E: jack_lay_92@hotmail.com

 Certifications: ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1, AIF Cert 3 and 4 Fitness, AIF Master Trainer, CHI Performance Nutrition Level 1, CHI Fundamentals of Program Design, CHI Advanced Program Design, Strength System International Certificate Level 1, Layne Norton’s Training the Physique Athlete, Layne Norton’s Science of Nutrition

 Specialitie(s): Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Performance, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain, Body Building, Holistic Transformations

My training culture is built around integrity, team work, and work ethic. •Uphold yourself to a higher standard •Be vulnerable but bold •Don’t be afraid to put your hand up •Be the hardest worker in the room. My mission is to educate and inspire my clients to become the best version of themselves.

 Certifications: Qualified Recomp Coach/Registered/Insured, Certificate III in fitness, Certificate IV in fitness, First Aid/CPR, Level II Qualified INutrition Coach

 Specialitie(s): Specific Body Building Training, Strength and Conditioning, Specialising in Exercise Breakdown, Training and Nutrition Programming Transformation Specialist, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Health and Wellness

Fitness is my passion and something that I plan to do for the rest of my life. I live by the motto “The speed of the pack is determined by the speed of the leader” I would never put a client through something I’m not prepared to do myself. I specialise in helping my clients build healthy sustainable lifestyles that last forever. Together we will work on a very personal level, structuring training and nutrition to suit your individual needs and goals.

 Certifications: PGA Golf Professional, Australian Weight Lifting Federation, Sports Power Coach, Powerlifting Australia Coach, Diploma of Sport Coaching, FMA Strength Institute Coach, FISAF Certified, Cert IV - Personal Training

 Specialitie(s): Extreme Body Transformation, Nutrition Coaching and Programming, Bikini/Figure/Bodybuilding Competitions, Bodybuilding Posing, Strength Coaching, Powerlifting

I coach beginners to athletes to achieve their true potential in and out of the gym. 10 years experience with over 60 competition clients to grace the stage in the IFBB, WBFF, ANB and ICN. My clients have won World Women’s Physique titles, Women’s Figure State Titles and become Pro bikini athletes. I actively compete in the IFBB and have won the Classic Physique division in QLD. There are no shortcuts. I’m here to inspire you to take your first step on your very own personalised journey.

 Certifications: Cert III - Fitness, Cert IV - Personal Training, Kettlebell Training Level 2, Applied First Aid & CPR, Fitness Australia Registered

 Specialitie(s): Weight Loss, Pre & Post pregnancy training, Strength Training/ Muscle Gain, Nutritional Advice, Lifestyle Coaching

I believe exercise is the key ingredient to a healthy life. It can be achieved in these ways. Set yourself clear and specific goals. Plan ahead, be consistent and create good balance between exercise and proper nutrition. It’s important to understand being fit and healthy is a lifestyle, not just something that happens overnight. As a wife, a mother of 3, a PNBA Physique Pro and an ANB Figure Pro athlete, I know that creating balance in all areas of life is crucial for success. My passion for health and fitness over the past 13 years as a Personal Trainer has been helping others reach their goals. So no matter what YOUR fitness goals are, I’m here to help you.

 Certifications: Cert III - Fitness, Cert IV - Personal Training, First Aid & CPR

 Specialitie(s): Fat loss and weight management, Pre and post natal training, Muscle toning, Nutritional advice and guidance

I’ve been on both ends of the scales , I know what it takes to become confident both physically and mentally. I wish I knew 15 years ago what I know now, I’ve done every ‘fad’ diet under the sun and let me tell you none Of these trends help you long term, consistency and balance in your training and nutrition is key. I am the ‘ let me help you achieve your body composition goals without having to spend 2 hours a day in the gym, without restricting food groups , without having to avoid social events, without doing hours of cardio’ person. I am the ‘let me teach you as much as I can so that when you reach those goals, you no longer need me in person I’m so passionate about not just helping clients but teaching them, let me HELP you, let me TEACH you.

 Certifications: Certificate III in fitness, Certificate IV in fitness, First Aid/CPR

 Specialitie(s): Government service training, A.B.T Workshops (Abs, Butt & Thighs), Developing confidence in the gym, Target area fat loss, Photoshoot prep, Mindset and motivation consults, Bodybuilding, Nutrition & training programs

"With 10 years of experience in the fitness industry from working in health shops, running boot camps in schools, competing in physique comps and feature's in Men's Muscle & Health magazine I have now settled in at World Gym North Lakes. With that knowledge and experience I will be mapping out the path between you and your goal, breaking it down into weekly steps giving you the clarity and confidence to follow through and overcome any mental or motivational obstacles along the way. My approach is about coaching you in a way that gives you the knowledge and tools to ultimately make it simple, sustainable and fun! I look forward to hearing from you."

 Certifications: Cert III Fitness, Cert lV Personal Training, ISSN Accredited Sports Nutrition, First Aid & CPR

 Specialitie(s): Strength development, Muscle hypertrophy, Building, gym confidence, Weight loss and weight loss management, Competition prep and Bikini posing, Nutritional programming, coaching and guidance, Developing healthy behaviours towards a balanced healthy lifestyle

Finding your own true potential requires breaking away from the barriers that we often put around ourselves, and not everyone has the capabilities to so on their own accord. My mission to you, is to support and educate your awareness and knowledge of how specified training, nutrition and mindset behaviours can optimise your performance in achieving your unique goal. As a seasoned professional Bikini Athlete, I know the importance of finding what works the best for you, and applying the right tools to suit your lifestyle. Together, we can develop a skillset to enable you to successfully manage your health, fitness and physique goals as your journey progresses and expands.

 Certifications: Certificate III in fitness, Certificate IV in fitness, First Aid/CPR

 Specialitie(s): Core Stability, Weight loss, Hypertrophy (lean muscle), Strength and conditioning, Power / Plyometrics, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular endurance

I’ve always had a strong passion and drive for health and physical fitness. I love to motivate and inspire people to push themselves to reach their full potential and help them realise that our only limitations are the limits we place on ourselves. I have a strong belief that true leaders create more leaders, so along our journey I educate clients to form a solid understanding of various exercises, what they do and why we are doing them. If you have a fitness goal you wish to obtain, I provide a specific sequence of measurable exercises that cater to your fitness goal to ensure you are continually making progress to achieve it. Whether it's your first time in a gym or you’ve been training for an extended period of time having a set goal, a detailed program and guidance from a certified professional can always be beneficial.

 Certifications: Certificate III in fitness, Certificate IV in fitness, Pre & Post Natal, Senior First Aid/CPR, Level I Performance Sports Nutrition

 Specialitie(s): Female Specific Training Specialist, Posture Analysis & Corrections, Fat loss / Body Transformations, Strength & Conditioning, Functional Fitness, Pelvic Floor Activation & Conditioning, Sports Nutrition Guidance & Programming, Individualised Training Programs

As a qualified and professional personal trainer with a passion for nutrition and human movement, I have worked with many women and men wanting to transform their physique, achieve fat loss/muscle gain, restore pelvic floor integrity and fundamentally be able to move, pain and injury free. I believe wholeheartedly in a person specific approach in all areas of health and fitness! From each prescribed program to your weekly nutrition check in, every aspect of your journey is custom tailored to you and will continue to evolve with you. Together we will work as a team to achieve; accountability through communication and weekly check ins, consistency with your training and nutrition adherence, discipline through gained self control and ultimately REAL RESULTS, as a kick-ass trainer client DUO! Let’s go!

 Certifications: BHSc In Physiotherapy, Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Personal Training

 Specialitie(s): Injury Prevention, Pain Management, Rehabilitation and Movement Restoration, Strength Training, Bio Mechanics; Movement Patterns, Lifting Techniques and Motor Control

I am a very experienced Physiotherapist who has worked in a number of different fields. This has given me clinical skills to work with a diverse population of different ages and physical abilities. I predominately specialize in pain, movement and injury prevention/management. However, I am no stranger to strength training and building muscle. I take a holistic approach when treating clients and make sure I get to the root of the issue rather than addressing the symptom. M: 0412 855 058 E: info@braydonvophysio.com.au

 Certifications: Bachelor of Physiotherapy, GEMT Dry Needling Level 1 & 2, Functional Strength and Rehab (Kinetic Link Training)

 Specialitie(s): Trigger point dry needling (effective for chronic and acute conditions), Tendon rehab (especially lower limb), Functional and sport specific rehab training (writing individualised programs), Chronic and degenerative conditions

I am a passionate physiotherapist who believes in an integrative approach to rehab and health including manual therapy, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle modifications to promote optimal health. I believe that no single treatment technique can ‘cure’ a patient and therefore combine deep tissue massage, dry needling, cupping, mobilisation and exercise prescription to achieve the best outcome depending on the client’s goal. I have a specific interest in not only managing conditions but implementing a preventative program to prevent new/further injuries.