Group Fitness Introduction

Group Fitness Introduction

Are you new to Group Fitness, or perhaps just new to World Gym Mt Gravatt?? Are you a little unsure of what goes on in the Group Fitness and Cycle Studios?? We've got your back😎

Every week we will be running 2 Group Fitness Introduction Sessions. These will be on Tuesdays @9:30am and Thursdays @5:15pm. The sessions will run for about 15 mins and cover the following 👇🏽

✅What to bring to Group Fitness Classes
✅Explanation on the different Group Fitness Classes
✅How to use the Smart Tech Equipment - bars and steps
✅How to set up your Body Bike
✅What Virtual Group Fitness Classes are

Let us help you take the scary out of trying a Group Fitness Class. Even if you've been doing Group Fitness for years, you're more than welcome to come along too. It's a great opportunity to ask questions about Classes you haven't tired before☺️

All you need to do is meet at Reception, just before the session start time. Our Group Fitness Manager Joss, will see you there. If you'd like to do a Group Fitness Introduction and cannot make these sessions, please email Joss at , to arrange a different time 👍🏼