Frequently Asked Questions!

What sort of memberships does World Gym offer?

We offer a wide range of affordable and flexible memberships - including 24/7 access and child minding at our club and unlimited classes accesss. Contact our team today to find out more!

Can I put my membership on hold?
Suspensions are available for a minimum period of 2 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks per year. A suspension form must be completed in person at the club, at least 7 days before the period requested and cannot be backdated. A fee of $5 per week applies to suspend your membership.

Can I still visit my nearest World Gym location if I am not a member?
You definitely can! All members receive a FREE Travel Pass to access all clubs within Australia, the Travel Pass allows 10 free visits for you to visit any club! You’ll need you Travel Pass with you though, see reception to grab yours today!

Can I transfer my membership to a friend?
You bet! Depending on your membership type you may transfer your membership to a family member or friend. Please speak with our team for more information.

Does my membership give me access to all World Gyms?
If you have the National Passport Membership, you may use all clubs in Australia unlimited. You may upgrade your membership at any time to the National Passport. Otherwise, you may use your Travel Pass (10 free visits) if you’re not travelling the country often.

How much does it cost for a World Gym membership?
Memberships will depend on how often you’ll be using it, what you include, whether you want all clubs access, assistance you choose, and the term you opt for. Contact our team today to find out more!

How old do I have to be to join World Gym?
You may get started at World Gym from 14 years old. Conditions do apply, so please see reception for more information or message us today!

Who should I speak to if I have a question about my membership?
Fill out an online form today and our Customer Service Team will be able to assist you. Alternatively, please see reception.

I have a friend who wants to get started? 
That's awesome! Click this link here -, and you can refer them to us online! You'll also be rewarded once they join us.

Is my club 24/7?
Yes! Our club is 24/7 so you can workout whenever you want!

What are my club’s staffed hours?
To find out what your 24/7 club’s staffed hours are, simply visit the home page


Are classes included in my Membership?

ALL classes on the Timetable are included in ALL Memberships!

When does the World Gym Transformation Challenge run?
We run our Transformation Challenges 3 x per year! February, June and September each year! Visit our reception to find out the dates of our next Challenge or follow our Social Media for live updates!

How can I check my clubs class timetable?
Get your group fitness classes organised for the week by clicking the ‘Group Fitness’ tab at the top of the page!

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat for my Pilates or Yoga class?
It’s completely up to you. We do have Mats available in club and are free to use!

Does World Gym offer free guest passes for my friends and family?

We definitely do! We know that if you have friends and family training with you, you are a lot more likely to achieve your goals and stay motivated. Click the ‘Refer a Friend’ tab at the top of the page today!

How do I provide feedback about my club experience?
Please send us a message by the ‘Contact Us’ or fill out a Feedback form in club.

Does World Gym offer child minding or creche facilities?
We sure do! Operating 6 times per week with extremely affordable options available. Click the ‘Kid’s World’ tab at the top of the page for more information or see reception!

How much child minding at World Gym cost?
We pride ourselves on having the most affordable Child-Minding memberships. We offer casual options and unlimited Direct Debit options. Head over to the ‘Kid’s World’ page or see reception for more information.

If you are not already a member, head over to the ‘join now’ page, and fill out your details. Our Membership Team will be able to package together some options which will save you over $109!

Can I use the Kid’s World if I am trialling a club on a free pass?
You may, however this is subject to availability and you will be required to book in. Please discuss this with the Membership Consultant who set this up for you as they will be able to assist further.

How to I book in for Kid’s World?
We use online booking for all sessions via Head over to the ‘Kid’s World’ page for the link to book online.

For new users, please see the Kid’s World team as they’ll set you up on our online booking system. You’ll then be able to book in advance from home up to 1 week in advance.

Does my World Gym have Sauna’s?
We sure do! We have infrared sauna’s available in both Male and Female changerooms and are available 24/7 at no extra cost.

How can I book in a Personal Trainer?
Please fill out the online enquiry form and let us know what you’re looking for in a Personal Trainer. Our Personal Training Manager will then assign a trainer best suited to your goals.

How much does Personal Training cost?
All of our Personal Trainers operate their own business within our club. You can check out our team of Trainers by clicking this link -

I have a questions but it's not listed here, what should I do? 
Contact us! Click the link here, and send us a message today!