Kid's World

At World Gym, we want to help remove all obsticles standing in between you achieving your health and fitness goals. We offer an extremely safe and affordable Kid's World, so you can drop your kids off, and know they are being looked after by qualified, friendly staff, whilst you get your exercise done!

We pride ourselves on not only offering the most availability within the area operating 6 mornings per week, and 4 afternoons, but we also ensure that our prices are the most competitve as well.

See below options available for our Kid's World and contact our team today to find out more!


Please click below to book online for Kid's World using Yep Booking. 

If you have not yet had Yep Booking set-up, please see Reception on your next visit to have this set-up.

If you have any issues booking in, please call us on (07) 3493 6361

Link to book online: