World Gym Staff

We want to introduce you to our staff, the friendliest in the area. They can assist you in helping with exercises, equipment or nutritional questions. They can be identified by their STAFF name on their shirt.

Brandi is an elite powerlifter, and holds State (North Carolina and Indiana), American, and International records across multiple federations. She has been an athlete since the age of 6, and began coaching and training in 2006. Her primary focuses are women's fitness and strength training. She has a passion for working with individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, and is the head coach for the Saint Joseph County Special Olympics Powerlifting Team. She wants to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all people, and is ready to help you get started on your journey to being the best you that you can be!

As a Health/Life Coach, I am a master of habit and/or lifestyle change. Not only do I assist people in creating a healthy lifestyle by coaching on nutrition and exercise, but I also coach people in the areas of stress mitigation, positive self-image and creating the mindset that this new way of healthy living is now a lifestyle and not an elusive concept that will never be achieved. Helping people turn these healthy habits into behaviors that last. The best part about this is the fact that these concepts will positively effect other areas of life because how we do one thing is how we will do everything. E-MAIL TO:



Selected as leader of development team for start-up and successful introduction of fitness program designed to reshape mind and body. Designed and integrated successful workplace strategies, including building and fostering 5-member training crew. Exceptional communication skills and the ability to interpret and define client needs through interviewing and information gathering processes. Develop and present personalized training agendas and motivate clientele to achieve goals, giving clear and concise explanations for relevant recommendations. Create complete and individualized programs based on time and resources available which include weight goals, diet specifications and menus, physical training and exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Trains 1-1 or groups of 6

Becca is the General Manager of World Gym. She has been involved in operations, training and group classes. If you have questions or issues, Becca is the person to talk to.

Kayla has been working at World Gym for many years. She is well versed and can assist members on most issues.

Say good morning to Meridith Monday - Friday. Fun and cheerful, she handles our front count and juice bar duties.

Tiffany has been with us for many years. She now helps closing when she can due to other commitments. We are happy to have her back at World Gym.

Brandi works varying shifts. She is also a certified trainer and also instructs Power Lifting classes. Brandi is a World Record Holder for her weight class in Power Lifting Meets around the country.

Alexis is our assistant manager on evenings and weekends. Has been with us for over a year and loves the gym atmosphere.

Meet Telisa, our mid-day and evening person who does many duties. Bubbly and out-going.

Jenn has been part of our childcare team for sometime. She works the mornings M-F time slot. Loves kids and engages them in special activities and games.

Nikki is part of our afternoon-evening team. Loves kids and works to engage them in activities.