Puzzle Challenge

We're running the Puzzle Challenge again!!

Starts 13th July and runs for 4 weeks.

Sign up with your Instructor in Class and you'll receive a Puzzle Card.  For every Group Fitness Class you do in during the challenge, you receive a puzzle piece.  It's a sticker. These are drawn at random, so you may get double ups.  You can swap with friends and other members.  We've created a Facebook Group for you to swap your spares. It's called World Gym Maroochydore Puzzle Challenge. There's an instructional video in the group too. Join it today.

When you complete a Puzzle, put it in the spinning box at reception and you'll get a Free Drink Card. 

Every completed card puts you in the draw to win a 3, 2, or 1 month gym membership!!!

Keep an eye on our nightly Group Fitness Facebook posts, to see what classes are worth double puzzle pieces the next day.

The Puzzle Challenge is FREE to join and it'll be loads of fun.

*All completed and paritally completed puzzles from before covid, are eligible in this challenge. You can also use your stickers that you have saved form last time.

For more information, please email Sharon at groupfitness@maroochydore.worldgym.com.au