Welcome to Kids World, a place for learning, a place for fun

& a place for friendships.

We hope the following tips make your time at Kids World a fun & happy occasion & answer all those questions you may have


Booking In:

Booking your child/ren in Kids World is essential as staffing is allocated in accordance to the number of children booked in. Please book in 24 hours before you require care.

You may be refused care if Kids World is full and you have not booked your child/ren in.


Mon-Fri 9am-12:00pm

Mon- Wed 4:30pm-7:30pm

Saturday 8am-11am


Food & Drinks:

Please note we are a nut free zone, notify staff of all allergies on your visit to Kids World.



Please ensure all clothing is clearly labeled with your childs name.

Due to the vast range of educational activities we provide in Kids World we ask that you please send your child in play clothes/ old clothing to avoid disappointment if clothing gets soiled or marked.


And some general Rules & Regulations:

All children are to be brought into Kids World and signed in by their Parent or Guardian.
Please do not bring your child to Kids World if they are sick or showing symptoms of being sick. Entry to Kids World is at the discretion of the carer.



Please arrive at your allocated booking time and please do not enter your child/children in early before this time and please pick up your child/children at the end of your booking time. This allows us to stay within our safety staff to child ratio.

Parents will be called if;
o Their child needs to go to the bathroom or is in need of a nappy change.
o Their child is crying excessively.
o If their baby requires feeding.
o If any serious misbehavior takes place.


If there are any questions or concerns, please ring or see staff.


Thanks & we look forward to seeing you in Kids World,

The Kids World Team