Member FAQ's

I’m a new member, what should I do?

We are so glad you are apart of the team, as a new member we would recommend downloading our World Gym App and starting one of the free programs!

What are the staffed hours?

MON - FRI: 6:00AM till 8:30PM

SAT: 7:00AM till 4:00PM

SUN: 7:00AM till 4:00PM

How do I participate in group fitness classes?

Download the World Gym Group Fitness App to learn more about each class & book in.


How much do personal trainers cost?


All our Personal Trainers are independent business owners, so their rates will vary depending on what services they offer.

On average you should expect to pay $50 – 100 per session or week. Check out our PT profiles here


Can I bring a friend to train outside of staffed hours?


For health & safety reasons you cannot bring a guest into the club outside of hours, this may result in you receiving a fine for breaking the rules.


Can I bring a friend to train for a free trial?


Absolutely! Your friend just needs to live or work in the local area & be interested in their health and fitness. Refer a friend HERE


Can I put my membership on suspension?


Yes you certainty can. You have the ability to suspend your membership anytime per year up to 4 weeks.


Are there any fee’s with suspending my membership?


If your going away on a holiday or just need some time off, your membership will be suspended for $5 per week.

However any medical reasons, including injury or pregnancy you will be able to receive a free suspension with a proof of a medical certificate.


How do I cancel my membership?


We don’t want you to leave us! But we understand sometimes you aren’t able to always stay committed to your membership. To cancel you will need to come into the club during business hours MON - FRI to discuss with the club manager or supervisor.


Are there any fee’s with cancelling my membership?


Yes, if you cancel for no reason, just because you can’t be bothered using your membership the cancellation fee will range from $200 - $300 depending on your agreement.

If your outside of your agreed membership term, we only require 30 days notice!


How do I update my payment details?


Our preference for you to update your payment details would be to see us in club or to call debit success directly. Visit


Why is my 24/7 key tag not allowing me access to the gym?


There could be a stop on your account due to missing a payment or if we need you to update your personal details.


How do I replace my 24/7 key tag?


See the friendly reception team during business hours, Key tag replacement is $35


Is the gym privately owned?


Yes, although we are an international brand, all our clubs are privately owned and family operated.