In 1976, it all began here. The iconic celebrity fitness scene. The serious, no non-sense workout. The commitment to always remain a true gym, not a resort. A place where great shape is an authentic passion. Where you belong among friends. Where everyone's star, and you have the power to lift yourself to greatness. This is World Gym.

Renae is a lifetime athlete who has evolved into a strength/ endurance coach. In her younger years she was a competitive Figure Skater, Gymnast & Dancer. She had also played high levels of Soccer and Tackle Football. She brings her positivity and passion into whatever she sets her mind to. She is extremely motivated by helping people not only reach their fitness goals but to also build self- confidence, self-love and self-appreciation. A session is never complete until you both have shared a laugh and a loving hug. She is a strong believer that fitness is a crucial component in life and improving ones physical well-being will also improve other aspects such as career, hobbies, emotional stability and overall spirit.If you’re looking to have a fun, energetic and No Bull$#@! workout, Renae is your girl!

Aaron is a practicing member for the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists. The primary role of a kinesiologist is to evaluate physical-activity related matters and recommend solutions in health, exercise, sport, industry, business, education, rehabilitation, and social settings. Aaron was born and raised in Kelowna and attended Kelowna Senior Secondary school. Aaron obtained his Bachelors of Human Kinetics degree through both Okanagan College and The University of British Columbia. Through out his life Aaron has enjoyed playing all sports and being active. His most passionate sport being ice hockey, where he played both at the junior and college levels. It was through off season workouts at a young age where Aaron first discovered another one of his passions, weightlifting and the gym. Through hours of sport and training, ultimately, it was the question of "how does the human body get mentally and physically stronger?" that led Aaron down the continuing path to further his education and becoming a kinesiologist. Some of Aarons community and practicum involvements include coaching youth in minor hockey, developing outdoor fitness plans for seniors, and working with chronically diseased patients. Outside of the playing field and gym, Aaron's interests include being social with family and friends, music, carpentry, mechanics, and learning new skills. If you see Aaron around the gym don't hesitate to ask a question or simply just say hello.

Born and raised in Kelowna, Nathanael a father of two and former football player, brings his passion everyone he helps. Having struggled with past injuries, he understands the frustrations evolved with the long and sometimes, painful recovery process. These experiences have fueled his career becoming now known for his success with even the most difficult cases of movement dysfunction and chronic joint pain conditions. Some of Nathanael's education and experiences include being a Medical Exercise Specialist, Human Movement Correction, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist, TRX Certified, Youth Fitness Certified and Yoga Therapy. These experiences give him plethora of tools to help anyone wanting to make any type of change. His goal is to help others revitalize their mentality, rebuild their body's and relive past activities you enjoy most. If your feeling lost or defeated trying to improve your situation, please feel free to email him to discuss how together he can guide you to a happier body and mind.

I LOVE what I do and am passionate about bringing you the knowledge I have learned through my certification through CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Society). I want to help you become a healthier version of you and target each session to fit your goals and needs. I want to help you make your fitness journey your new lifestyle. I am a very positive, outgoing, energetic and motivational. If you haven’t taken one of my Bootcamp or Core sessions - may I suggest you get your booty in there! Everyone deserves to feel confident about themselves and be able to take the world by storm. I look forward to this transformation to better health and happiness with you.