Class Descriptions

We offer a wide variety of classes to take here at World Gym! Here's a description of them to decide which class to take: 

WGA: Be ready to lift a barbell, jump on a box, do some pull-ups, push yourself farther than you thought you could and have a lot of fun doing it! World Gym Athletics is a complete training system. We coach skill and technique before adding intensity and weight. We train hard with science-based programming that helps you progress. Athletes of all abilities will succeed. 

Circuit: This class combines cardio intervals with strength exercises for a full-body burn! Athletes will use their bikes or rowers to elevate their heart rate followed by a block of exercises designed to challenge major muscle groups. Rounds will increase in intensity and difficulty as class progresses to ensure a great cardiovascular and strength workout. Accessories such as bosu balls, kettlebells, hand weights, etc. will be incorporated. This is a multi-level class that is well-suited for athletes of all fitness levels and physical abilities, as both modifications and advancements will be offered. 

Zumba: A Latin-inspired fitness program that involves aerobic dancing and other cardiovascular exercises. The word "zumba" has its roots in Colombia and it means "to move fast and have fun" which is exactly what the fitness program is all about. Exercise is done with upbeat Latin music to create a fun and party-like atmosphere. 

Barre: The Barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. 

Tabata: A high-intensity interval training that consists of eight sets of fast-paced exercises each performed for 20 seconds with a brief rest of 10 seconds. 

Bootcamp: A high intensity workout including cardio and weight training. Classes include: cycling, weights, bands, balls and body weight exercises. All abilities are welcome!

Gentle Yoga: This will be a flow-based class open to all levels of Yogis. We will focus on proper alignment of the basic yoga postures with conscious breathing and mindfulness. The emphasis on longer held poses will leave you feeling flexible and relaxed. 

HIIT and Extreme Fit: You can expect a fun and welcoming environment where all fitness levels can come get a great cross-training style workout. We look for new, fun and challenging exercises that can be modified for every fitness level. The trainer is there to help you be accountable with a straight forward and very supportive group, using different exercises and workout routines that can be easily done on your own or at home. There is a little bit of everything in these classes: burpees, HIIT, cycling, TRX, ropes, kettlebells, butts and guts, tabata, weight training, partner workouts, rowing, core work, jump ropes, and more! If you can think of it, we can do it!

Spin/Cycle: Real road riding with resistance including hills and bursts inside our amazing studio room! 

Power Abs: This class is designed to target your torso, working all aspects of the ab muscles front, side, and back, sculpting your abs into shape. This 25 minute class will have your core feeling stronger than ever! 

TRX: TRX is a full-body strength workout that utilizes a person's own body weight instead of relying on machines or dumbbells. This class is open to any fitness level! 

Strength: You will use a variety of equipment to build your body's muscular strength. The equipment might include a selection of hand weights, exercise tubing, weighted bars or balls, BOSUs®, benches, mats, and instability balls. The instructor will guide you through proper technique and alignment while performing the exercises. Strength classes such as this build your body's muscular strength. This helps to support your skeletal system through movement. A well-supported skeletal system will improve activities of daily living as well as lessen the chance of injuries. 

Power Pump: This is a strength training class followed up with HIITs to increase your heart rate. We use barbells to target muscle groups and dumbbells to create lean muscle and a toned physique. We also utilize stretchy bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, steps, and any other kind of arsenal to provide variety to functional training. We promise this class will challenge you and hook you into coming back!