Thurs 23rd Aug Registration Closes

Sat 25th Aug Challenge Begins

  • 600am inBODY Scans Will Start BEFORE Our Opening Session
  • 730am First Wave Of Challengers Will Begin The Session & receive their SUPPLEMENT PACK
  • 500pm All Challengers Will Receive Their Customised Nutrition Guides & Shopping List Provided by Switch Nutrition.
  • 11.59pm “Before” Pictures to be Completed by Midnight 25th Aug with 1x Full Body Front On & 1x Full Body Side On (fully clothed or underwear, its your choice) MUST INCLUDE CURRENT NEWSPAPER COVER. (these can be done by one of the team at the gym if you’d like)

Mon 27th Aug 630pm Switch Nutrition Deliver Seminar Outlining Important Information Regarding Nutrition & Supplements Provided Throughout Challenge.

Thurs 30th Aug 5:45am, 9:30am & 6:30pm Renee & Alison Test your 3 rep max for Squat, Deadlift and Bench

Sat 22nd Sep Simon Giacomotto Leads a Posing Clinic to Help Improve Confidence When Undertaking “After” Pictures



THE IDEA BEHIND THIS CHALLENGE IS TO ENCOURAGE and reward all our competitors to understand the trick to this fitness game is CONSISTENCY, progression and smashing goals.

The only way you can expect your “dream body” to be a reality is if your headspace leads the chase.

By focussing specifically on the scales, you miss the chance to fall in love with fitness.



STRENGTH – Using the 3 major lifts SQUAT, BENCH PRESS AND DEADLIFT to not only test overall strength and mobility, at the same time strengthening your skeleton and preventing injury through other athletic movements & day to day activities.

We will all be tested on our 3-repetition maximum effort for these three movements at the very first and last THURSDAY training sessions.

Understanding how to lift with correct form under the guidance of our experienced and extremely passionate coaches Renee (Dauntless Performance) and Alison (Alison Andric PT) throughout the 6 weeks will allow each individual to improve in strength and range of motion with a focus on LONGEVITY!


FITNESS – With all the benefits of strength training and cardio vascular recovery in one, our Saturday HIITFAM sessions are the perfect platform for testing how well we will improve in overall fitness throughout these 6 weeks! Saturday 25th of AUG ALL COMPETITORS will charge into a workout with the intention of giving it their ALL! We will then repeat this same session on Saturday 6th OCT and measure improvements to find out WORLD GYMS FITTEST COMPETITOR!

Expect to see a spike in your heart rate and enthusiasm that will not be match when CONDITIONING COACHES Lauren (L Duce Strength & Conditioning) & Bec (Bec Kirkup Personal Training) take you through you Friday METCON session.

BODY COMPOSITION – Using the NON-INVASIVE state of the art inBODY scanner to identify how much of our body is made up of Muscle vs Fat. We will take the info provided to accurately assign customised nutrition and supplement guidelines that will be crucial in our success to become the athletes we are.

Whether you are hoping to gain muscle, lose fat or eat for performance we will be able to determine how well you followed these guidelines when we re-test with the inBODY after 6 weeks.


Consistency – This could very well be the MOST important factor in our success throughout these 6 weeks and beyond. To succeed in your own individual goal, you must commit fully to this process. We have taken this so seriously that we have even included active recovery to the program with yoga and BodyBalance on Wednesday and Sunday! Most of the small group sessions will be 45 mins and there’s no reason you can not opt out after 30 mins if that’s all the time you can spare.



With small group sessions guided by our expert instructors and trainers we will have a program constructed that includes session times to suit ALMOST EVERYONE. 545am, 930/1030am (varies day to day) & 630pm.

Nutrition and supplement guidelines that have been provided by SWITCH NUTRITION to ensure that all that hard work doesn’t go to waste.