Meet Our Team


 Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Over the course of his twenty-year career as a fitness professional, John has worked at a dozen different facilities in various roles. Starting as a lifeguard and front desk staff person, John segued into fitness as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. A former high school all-conference baseball player and varsity cross-country runner, John worked with clients as diverse as Navy SEAL aspirants, high school athletes, Spartan Race entrants, and competitive cyclists as well as those seeking osteoporosis prevention, diabetes control, weight loss, and more. Class formats taught included Body Pump, PiYo, group cycling, and senior fitness as well as "homemade" creations called Body Sculpt and Yoga Rock.⁣ ⁣ John's first administrative role was as a membership director, from which he rose to membership/fitness director, Senior Wellness Director and Branch Director. His experiences in sports and on the fitness floor continue to inform his drive to provide the best environment, staff and experience for the members of World Gym. "I use our equipment, take our classes, I change in the locker room. I see World Gym through the members' eyes every day. I take pride in World Gym's history, and in our facility in particular as one of the best in San Antonio."

 Certifications: World Gym Athletics, CPR & AED

Marty “T.C.” Calles, a United States Air Force Veteran and University of Arizona, Track & Field scholarship athlete has always had a passion for fitness. "Life has a way of teaching you lessons in the timely manner that need to be revealed. I have had my fair share of injuries that set my path in unforeseen directions." Taking in the bad with the good, everything has placed Marty right where he needed to be at the exact time he needed to experience it. As a result of these encounters, they have guided him to find his calling, Physical Therapy. Upon stumbling across an opportunity to assist in his professional growth, Marty became a certified Coach in World Gym Athletics! "It has been an exceptional learning experience, going hand-in-hand with my educational goal. My standard as a Coach is to influence athletes to set a higher standard for themselves. Guiding them to improve positive lifestyle choices, goals and aspirations. All while we learn, adapt and rise above together!" What you allow in your presence is your standard. #FitnessTruth

As a former collegiate volleyball player and cheerleader at Brewton Parker College, Tasha has valued the performance of the human body and strives to share the knowledge in which she has obtained over the years as an athlete and personal fitness instructor. Tasha’s experience includes: serving as the Wellness Coordinator at the Joint Chiropractic in Savannah, GA; three years as a fitness instructor for IProvide Fitness, a training company based out of Savannah, GA that specializes in all sports and weight-loss; four seasons as the Head Coach of the Upward Stars Travel Volleyball team; and most recently working as the Graduate Assistant Volleyball Coach for the University of the Southwest in New Mexico. Upon obtaining her Master’s of Science Degree in Health and Human Performance, Tasha also completed her internship at USW as an assistant athletic trainer. Providing cutting edge, high intense training sessions that are tailored to the individual's needs while ensuring the safety of the client makes up the core of Tasha’s training style. Tasha seeks to continue her growth in her career as a personal trainer by reinventing ways in which workouts are conducted and taught to the everyday individual. When Tasha isn't working at World Gym, you can find her hanging out by the pool, grabbing food at a restaurant with friends, traveling to see family or watching Netflix movies with her bestie. She is a fun, charismatic, people person that values her relationships with friends and family more than anything. “I enjoy life to the fullest and I make every day count. My happiness, as well as my clients, is very important to me and it is my duty to give back to the community any positive thing that I have to offer. Come see me anytime. I love new faces and new challenges.”