COVID Changes

Our Region being in the Orange Phase means:

  • Capacity has been limited to 50 Members
  • VIPs can no longer bring in Guests due to limited capacity
  • Appointment booking is HIGHLY recommended between 2pm-9pm (weeknights)
  • Social Distancing measures are 3m (9'). If you are working on a machine and someone is on a machine beside you, you're both required to wear a mask.
  • Group Classes are currently cancelled due to new restrictions

How To Book Your Workout:

  1. Go back to our homepage (
  2. Click on member login on the top right
  3. Type your email you used to registered your membership with us
  4. Click forgot password (a 6 digit password will be emailed to you)
  5. Login In (you'll automatically be on the "Class Schedule" page
  6. Click "Book Workout" in the time slot you want to come in to train

NOTE: If you are unable to make your appointment, please cancel it online.

We do have a 10 person wait list if the time slot hits capacity. Cancelling will allow the next person to be bumped into the time slot and they will be notifed by email that they are in the schedule. 

A tutorial video is on our Instagram and Facebook pages of how to book your workout.

Additional Notes:

  • 10 minute grace unless you call ahead
  • Must cancel your appointment if you can't make it
  • Must book at least 1 hour in advance
  • 1 hour max in gym during peak hours of 2pm-9pm
  • No back-to-back bookings allowed (we will cancel your second hour)