Interval Training

Get results with high intensity interval training in Greece. This workout involves short spurts of powerful exercise followed by rest or lower intensity exercise. HIIT involves far less time than a traditional cardio workout and offers far more benefit. No equipment needed. Make World Gym your haven to burn calories, lose weight, and build muscle.

Commit to HIIT

Before donning your workout gear, understand the concept behind a true HIIT workout. This approach combines cardio training that helps you burn fat with strength training that helps you boost muscular endurance. Once you decide to commit to this high intensity workout, you will start to see the benefits.

  • Burn More Calories
  • Lose Weight
  • Build Muscle
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Blood Sugar
  • Improve Oxygen & Blood Flow

HIIT It, Then Quit It

Tight on time? Get all the benefits in less time than you spend on your lunch break. HIIT is the way to go for a full workout that fits your busy life. By putting in the work, you can start experiencing the payoff.

Switch HIIT Up

Target different muscle groups and get stronger. There is no need to get stuck in a rut with workouts that plateau your progress. The combination of HIIT workouts available is limitless and designed to progress as you do.

Do HIIT Right

At World Gym, we want to make sure you get your HIIT workout right. We take you beyond the basics of work, rest, repeat, in order to maximize the benefits. Learn how to push yourself in order to sustain a steady level of effort across your workout periods. Discover how to rest in a way that rids your body of lactic acid and gears you up for the next energetic workout period. This is part of the World Gym approach.