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Here You will find all the tools to get your corporate company involved in fitness! World Gym offers special corporate rates based on group sizes. Become a Corporate Organizer within your company and receive great rewards! We would love to hear from you!

Regular yearly rates are CI$579.00 But as a Corporate Company you can get the following rates based on the number of people signing up at one time.
CI currency:

Groups of: 5-9

Groups of: 10-19

Most Popular

Groups of: 20+


Per Annum


Per Annum


Per Annum

30% discount on membership to Organizer

50% discount on membership to Organizer

FREE 12 month membership to Organizer 

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Corporate Organizers

Become a corporate organizer, a “hero” to your colleagues who want a discount on this gym service.  becoming a group organizer is simple, here are the steps:

  • No outside people can be added to your company list, only employees and spouses are allowed.
  • No refunds or transfers with special price memberships.  No late names or payments can be accepted.


  1. Due date is set.
  2. The preferred price is given based on group size.
  3. Each new/re-newing member MUST fill out and sign a World Gym contract form, with appropriate funds attached.  (we accept all payments except Amex)
  4. Forms and funds are returned to the organizer.
  5. Up to seven day free temporary pass can be issued by World Gym corporate sales.
  6. As a current member you may pre-renew.
  7. Only twelve month membership contracts available through the corporate department.
  8. As a Corporate company you also have the option of purchasing “pre-paid membership vouchers” in bulk to be later allocated to staff.


  1. No outside people can be added to your company list, only employees and spouses are allowed.
  2. Corporate memberships are none refundable or transferable.
  3. Late registrants are only allowed to join the group 7 days after group has been submitted. There is a late registration fee of CI$50 to any late registration.
    • New members are started on the date the corporate group is handed over to World Gym
    • Renewals (existing members) are started on the day after their old expiry date. 
    • Unless specified due to medical reasons a membership can be placed temporarily on hold (doctors note needed before or, on date of corporate group submission).