In 1976, it all began here. The iconic celebrity fitness scene. The serious, no non-sense workout. The commitment to always remain a true gym, not a resort. A place where great shape is an authentic passion. Where you belong among friends. This is World Gym.

 Certifications: Level 2 Fitness instructor Level 3 Personal Trainer Degree in Sport Management & Coaching Health and Safety Kettlebell Training Sport specific conditioning Nutritional Advice

 Specialitie(s): Body transformation specialist Competition Prep Build Lean Muscle Men’s physique Posing Online coaching Lose Fat Sport specific

I have had a passion that has run deep for health and fitness since I was a child, I have been in the gym and fitness industry training since I was 16 years old. I First competed back in 2015. Since then I have always placed top 5 within the Men’s Physique category. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the top UK coaches, therefore I bring a wealth of knowledge to get the best out of my clients so I can successfully help YOU reach your goals. I have competed five times with 3 different federations being, UKBFF, IFBB and PCA. My most recent comp in 2019 placing 2nd. In addition I have boxed for a period of time and also played American football at a high level, as well as being a head coach for a women’s 11 aside full contact team. I will be 150% committed to you and your specific goals. I have now joined forces with #TeamGrayann which will be a very exciting journey for anyone involved as you will be get not one BUT two coaches being myself and Grayann.

 Certifications: Certificate III Fitness Certificate IV Fitness First Aid & CPR JDRF Mentor

 Specialitie(s): Bodybuilding Strength Conditioning Hypertrophy Functional Fitness Body Transformations Body Composition

Are you wanting to better yourself? To perform better? To learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle? After many years in the industry, competing in bodybuilding, overcoming injuries, I know how daunting starting a new exercise and lifestyle routine can be! With myself you can trust my knowledge and experience to get you where you need to be. As a type 1 diabetic I know the importance of having a healthy balanced lifestyle. Let’s work together on achieving your goals one step at a time. For me exercise is a vital part of life, it’s the best way to truly improve ones life experience. With the right knowledge and tools exercise will be something that will always rewards every aspect of your life. Take the first step in investing in your health. Your goals are my priority.

 Certifications: Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, Crossfit Level 1, First aid, CPR

 Specialitie(s): Specialities: General Fitness Strength and Conditioning Functional Training Training Programs to get people fit for entry to the Police HIIT Mindset.

I’ve had a 20 year career in the Queensland Police Service. During my career I found myself faced with many difficult situations where I was required to draw on my mental and physical strength. After I left the QPS, I found I still had a passion for helping people. I’ve been doing CrossFit for three years, which has exposed me to an amazing functional training style that has seen me fitter and stronger than I was in my twenties. Throughout my fitness journey I’ve witnessed the benefits this has had on my performance, health and well being which inspired me to help others on their fitness journey. I know exactly what you need to do to set goals that are specific to you and how to consistently train with the right intensity and skill level to achieve that goal. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

 Certifications: Cert 3 Fitness Cert 4 Fitness Anatomy of strength training Introduction to nutrition

 Specialitie(s): Strength & Conditioning Fat Loss / Weight Loss Online Coaching Muscle Building Body Transformations

Does your mind and body feel stagnant? Is it time for change? When was the last time you prioritised yourself? Now that you’ve read these questions; think rhetorically. Think to your inner self ‘when was the last time I asked myself questions like these’… It’s never too late to start taking care of your body. At 13 years of age, I stepped foot into my first gym, and I have never looked back. My passion for health & fitness holds a strong place within my heart and it has defined the person I am today and will continue to do so. The idea of being able to strengthen yourself both mentally and physically through the use of self-care is what fuels me with motivation to make myself better every day, and it is my goal for you to feel the same. My ambitions and goals behind the name HopFit are to make you the most outstanding version of yourself possible, to feel the best you ever have and to create new lifestyle changes and habits that will stick with you for life. At HopFit I’m not only just your coach, but more importantly your mentor and friend. I am here to guide you down the right path to achieve whatever goals you may have, no matter how big or small.

 Certifications: Cert 3 Fitness - Cert 4 Fitness - First Aid - CPR

 Specialitie(s): Posture correction & imbalances - Weight gain & loss - Strength & conditioning - Powerlifting

I haven't always been into training; life events both negative and positive pushed me into being a better version of myself. I find it very rewarding helping out others to work on themselves to reach their goals. Watching the whole fitness journey of my clients is an important reason why I enjoy what I do. Ph: 0438403355 Instagram: rachelrosefitness

 Certifications: Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, Bachelor of Nursing, Paediatric Advanced Life Support, Blue Card

 Specialitie(s): Pre/Post Natal, Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning, Body Composition

After going on a body transformation journey myself, I fell in love with health and fitness and know what it's like "starting out" and the battles you can face mentally and physically. As a mum, I know that looking after yourself can be hard with a busy lifestyle. Don’t be afraid of stepping out of the norm and challenging yourself. Even the smallest changes can give you amazing results. Whatever your goal is, I will always put in 100% to make sure we can work together to achieve it.

 Certifications: Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, Bachelor of Exercise Science

 Specialitie(s): Strength & Conditioning, Weight loss management, Beginners coaching and guidelines

My love for fitness began at a very early age. I competed in many different sports through school and have always been a very active person. It was in my early teens however, that I recognised my true passion was training in the gym, moulding and perfecting my physique to how I envisioned. Fast forward 10 years and I have completed a degree in exercise science, won my pro card competing in the WBFF and discovered my true purpose in life. I feel completely fulfilled within myself and wish to train, educate and motivate anyone I can to become the healthiest, happiest and most complete version of themselves possible. Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to turn pro or stepping into the gym for the first time, I will help you towards achieving your goals and vision for the future.

 Certifications: Certificate III & IV Personal Training

 Specialitie(s): Toning Up/ Weight Loss/ Sculpting

 Specialitie(s): Suspension movement training (TRX)

I’ve have been involved in fitness since I was a teenager. This is when I decided to take it further to give people the opportunity to make lifestyle changes. I want my clients to feel body confident and be proud of what they have achieved during their PT sessions. I specialise in both male and female training. I have real desire to help change client’s lives which will allow them to achieve their goals, be the best version of themselves and for me to challenge them. During my time studying to be a Personal Trainer it has allowed me to really connect with clients, forming good customer relationships and supporting them 100% during their fitness journey. I will provide full support both during and outside their PT sessions, setting them challenges towards their goals and overcoming those barriers. P: 0468 420 953 E:

 Certifications: Bachelor in Exercise Science • Bachelor in Secondary Education • Cert III in Fitness • Cert IV in Personal Training

 Specialitie(s): Background in Exercise Science & Education • Working with children and adolescents • Resistance training

I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 6 years in various roles. I am degree qualified in Exercise Science and Secondary Education and I have a passion for helping change people’s lives and reach their goals and I believe this starts with the younger generation. Through my experience in education I aim to educate my clients and give them the tools they need to reach their goals. My exercise science background helps me to tailor programs specifically designed for the individual and their goals. Working with Flexible Physiques all clients have access to degree qualified nutrition. Start your journey today with a team and let us help you reach your goals. P: 0450 073 326 E: