Certifications: Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, Diploma of Nutrition, Lv 1 ASCA Strength & conditioning, Lv 1 running Coach, Senior First Aid

 Specialitie(s): Athletic & Sport specific training, Strength & conditioning, Weight loss, Advanced Dietetics, Basic sports & nutritional advice

I personally take a highly holistic approach to health & fitness. Real health and fitness doesn't come from a single style of training and is why I have taken the time to study a range of different training an nutrition methods in order to provide a level of cross training and health based around optimal human performance. Whether you prefer traditional weightlifting or a more functional style, I have the knowledge to incorporate methods that will help you achieve bigger goals, faster than a regular training pattern. I am currently studying to be a Lv 1 strength & conditioning coach giving me the knowledge and ability to train legitimate athletes which can also translate directly over to my clients. I also strongly believe in the backing of a team which is why I work alongside a number of other experts including highly qualified dieticians, physios and other health professionals.

 Certifications: Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, Blue card, Nutrition, Psychology & wellbeing

 Specialitie(s): Form & Technique, Make you feel strong & SEXY, Getting you fit and healthy MENTALLY & physically, Nutrition guidance

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 Certifications: Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, Bachelor of Nursing, Paediatric Advanced Life Support, Blue Card

 Specialitie(s): Pre/Post Natal, Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning, Body Composition

After going on a body transformation journey myself, I fell in love with health and fitness and know what it's like "starting out" and the battles you can face mentally and physically. As a mum, I know that looking after yourself can be hard with a busy lifestyle. Don’t be afraid of stepping out of the norm and challenging yourself. Even the smallest changes can give you amazing results. Whatever your goal is, I will always put in 100% to make sure we can work together to achieve it.

 Certifications: Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, First Aid & CPR

 Specialitie(s): Strength & Conditioning, Young & Senior athletics development, Goal Specific programming

I am currently studying my Bachelor of Medical Science, after completing two years of my Exercise Science degree. As a Personal Trainer, one of my main goals is to ensure that more people are exposed to correct techniques and habits throughout their journey in bettering themselves. Whether you are a first timer or looking for that next step to becoming the healthiest, happiest and energetic version of yourself, I would be honoured to assist you in finding your pathway to success.

 Certifications: Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, Bachelor of Exercise Science

 Specialitie(s): Strength & Conditioning, Weight loss management, Beginners coaching and guidelines

My love for fitness began at a very early age. I competed in many different sports through school and have always been a very active person. It was in my early teens however, that I recognised my true passion was training in the gym, moulding and perfecting my physique to how I envisioned. Fast forward 10 years and I have completed a degree in exercise science, won my pro card competing in the WBFF and discovered my true purpose in life. I feel completely fulfilled within myself and wish to train, educate and motivate anyone I can to become the healthiest, happiest and most complete version of themselves possible. Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to turn pro or stepping into the gym for the first time, I will help you towards achieving your goals and vision for the future.

 Certifications: Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, CPR & First Aid

 Specialitie(s): Building a well balanced physique, gaining strength, losing body fat, competition prep

I’m one of the only athletes ever to win every single IFBB show in Australia and only one of two 212 pound pros in the country. I have a passion for not only bodybuilding but anything fitness related. I can teach you not only the mindset to win, but to achieve anything you set out to do whether it be gaining muscle, balancing/improving your physique, losing body fat, posing on stage or just general fitness and loving what you see in the mirror.

 Certifications: Certificate III & IV Personal Training

 Specialitie(s): Toning Up/ Weight Loss/ Sculpting

 Specialitie(s): Suspension movement training (TRX)

I’ve have been involved in fitness since I was a teenager. This is when I decided to take it further to give people the opportunity to make lifestyle changes. I want my clients to feel body confident and be proud of what they have achieved during their PT sessions. I specialise in both male and female training. I have real desire to help change client’s lives which will allow them to achieve their goals, be the best version of themselves and for me to challenge them. During my time studying to be a Personal Trainer it has allowed me to really connect with clients, forming good customer relationships and supporting them 100% during their fitness journey. I will provide full support both during and outside their PT sessions, setting them challenges towards their goals and overcoming those barriers. P: 0468 420 953 E: chloe-hill1@hotmail.co.uk

 Certifications: Cert III - Fitness • Cert IV - Personal Training • Certificate Boxing Instructor Lvl1

 Specialitie(s): Weight loss and body transformation • Female & Male transformation


Most of my clients I have trained over the years are weight loss females and males. Most of my clients that come to me are very new to the gym or never been to the gym, I love showing new gym members how to use the equipment correctly and giving them the confidence to use the gym on their own as I have done with so many of my clients before. There is no better feeling then teaching a client a new skill such as deadlifting or squatting with correct form and seeing them progress from there. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 6 years now, and love seeing my clients get great results through weight loss & strength. The fitness industry is my passion, my hobby & my lifestyle. P: 0435 911 656 E: tonyeversonpt@gmail.com

 Certifications: Bachelor in Exercise Science • Bachelor in Secondary Education • Cert III in Fitness • Cert IV in Personal Training

 Specialitie(s): Background in Exercise Science & Education • Working with children and adolescents • Resistance training

I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 6 years in various roles. I am degree qualified in Exercise Science and Secondary Education and I have a passion for helping change people’s lives and reach their goals and I believe this starts with the younger generation. Through my experience in education I aim to educate my clients and give them the tools they need to reach their goals. My exercise science background helps me to tailor programs specifically designed for the individual and their goals. Working with Flexible Physiques all clients have access to degree qualified nutrition. Start your journey today with a team and let us help you reach your goals. P: 0450 073 326 E: grayann95@gmail.com

 Certifications: Cert III, IV & Diploma of Fitness | Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Sport Science | Currently Completing Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology | Coaching General Principles Certificate – Australian Sports Commission | Advanced First Aid & CPR | Spinal Management | Level 4 Emergency Technician

 Specialitie(s): Injury management, rehabilitation & prevention | Resistance training | Strength & conditioning | Nutritional Advice | Functional and Sport Specific Training | Body Composition & Posture Analysis | Comprehensive knowledge of human physiology and anatomy | Chronic disease management and illness rehabilitation: Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Stoke, Obesity and Neurological Conditions | Management of acute or chronic muscle, bone and joint problems

I have a wholistic outlook on health and ultimately want my clients to be happy and enjoy training in and out of the gym. Having completed a Bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sport Science, I have a broad scope of practice from elite athletes to clients with chronic illness and, everything in between. My passion is to be able to leave a lasting positive impact and encourage real lifestyle change. M: 0437 091 924 E: martintisdellpt@gmail.com