WGA Team

WGA has taken the best of all training and coaching from all your favorite boot camps, gyms and studios, super charged it with great people and housed it under one roof. Our goal is to reduce the chances of boredom, quitting 3 weeks in, or feeling lost without guidance. Welcome to the team!

Fitness has always been part of Ernie’s lifestyle. He loves distance running especially on a mountain trail. He trains in traditional Shotokan Karate holding a Second Degree Black Belt. Ernie enjoys the energy and enjoyment of group classes, especially anything with high intensity. Ernie’s previous life was that of a commercial airplane pilot. He loves encouraging people to make good life decisions and is active in his local Church. He and his wife, Tamiko, have been married since 1995, have 5 kids and live in Rosedale.

Tamiko was born with a little ‘horse blood’ in her veins. She was a competitive equestrian but now she loves teaching kids to ride, training horses and anything else equine. She holds certification as an Equine Assisted Learning Instructor. Tamiko trains in traditional Shotokan Karate with the rank of Black Belt. She enjoys the accountability and competition of quality group fitness classes. She and her husband, Ernie, have been married since 1995, have 5 kids and live in Rosedale.

Don is a 7th Dan JKA karate master, and has competed with and coached provincial, national, and world championship teams. His involvement in mentoring a wide range of athletes and their coaches in a variety of sports are the skills he brings to WGA.