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All LIVE classes are booking essential

BODYPUMP™ a total body strength toning workout using a barbell, weights and step.  The fastest way to get in shape!

BODYCOMBAT™ will empower you mentally while physically challenging you in this cardio workout inspired mixed martial arts class.  Great for fitness and tenacity.

BODYATTACK™ mixes sports inspired movement with high energy and cardio benefits. Train like an athlete. Think like an athlete.

SPRINT™ is a 30 minute high intensity interval training cycle class at its peak expecting you to perform in this individualised coaching format.

THE TRIP™ Trip is a 40 min immersive workout combining multi-peak cycling experiences through digitally created worlds.

SH’BAM™ is an insanely addictive dance class complete with sassy dance moves and upbeat fun.

CORE™ combines 30 minutes of core training using free weights and resistance tubing to strengthen from the core to the limbs.

GRIT™ STRENGTH 30 minutes of barbell burning intensity to melt through the calories.

BODYBALANCE™ is a yoga inspired class combined with pilates and tai chi to dive into the body to strengthen, balance each muscle group and lengthen the spine improving posture.

BOXFIT is a great way to lose weight, tone and bring on strength.  Expect cardio drills, boxing combos and individualised coaching that sets you up for success.

MUAY THAI  is a combat style class that uses technique focussed striking into pads with force. All fitness levels are welcomed by our experienced Muay Thai Coaches.

BOOTY BARRE™ is a total body workout fusing pilates, yoga and a ballet barre toning muscles and strengthening those lesser used muscles.

ABT abs butts and thighs are invited to feel the burn in this zone to tone in a complete interactive fun workout.

PILATES focusses on the centre of strength in the body outward.  Be prepared to feel stronger week by week as you learn to listen to the body, strengthening the back while deeply stretching vital core muscles.

ASHTANGA YOGA is a fast paced physically demanding yoga otherwise known as Power Yoga. This practice is recommended for yoga enthusiasts though beginners are welcome.

HOT YOGA brings the mind into the body in a series of Hatha & Vinyasa style asanas in a heated room.  You’ll love the feelings created in the body, improving flexibility and relaxed overall feeling.

HATHA YOGA a gentle yoga created for every BODY through aligning breath, body and mind.  The perfect class to begin your yoga practice that advances with you.

VINYASA YOGA links movement to breath in this ‘one breath - one movement’ flow leaving you feeling energised, centred and calm.

YIN YOGA is a slow paced yoga with a meditative approach.  Great for personal healing, introspection and joint mobility.

RESTORATIVE YOGA typically involves 5-6 postures supported by props allowing you to completely relax.  Postures involve light twists, seated forward folds and gently back movement.

ADVANCE YOGA Practice your favourite fast flows, arm balances and core strengthening poses in this Ashtanga style yoga buzz.

Bookings are required for all Active Kids Classes - online booking systems:

ACTIVE KIDS FIT is a mash up of fitness challenges, games and interactive skill building activities.  Kids will sweat it out during this variety of confidence building formats. 5-12 years

ACTIVE KIDS YOGA guides kids to integrate slow stretching, movement while mindfully breathing.  Perfect for kids that need more mindful activities, deepening breathing skills and better sleep habits.  Kids will learn how to meditate and self pacify in times of stress. 7-12 years