UPDATE 11/01/2021:
Attention Members & Guests :-
Under advice from QLD Health, the 3 day COVID lock down will end tonight and World Gym Burpengary will re-open at 6 pm. Full 24/7 access will be available.
Special 👧Creche times for tonight 11/01/2021 will be from 6 pm - 8 pm. Bookings essential. Classes will still run as updated on our booking system. Bookings essential.
What other restrictions are in place ?
😷 Due to the current advice from the Queensland Government we will be making it mandatory to wear a mask to come into the club and exercise. This rule will remain in place until we receive further recommendations from Queensland Health & Fitness Australia
✅ Maintain Physical Distancing - One Person Per 4 m2
✅ All members are to as usual bring their own water bottle and
towel while exercising in the club.
✅ All members are to wipe down fitness equipment before and
after use using disinfectant bottles as provided.
We would like to thank all of our members for their support in assisting us to navigate our way through these unprecedented times. We are so proud and humbled to have such a great Fitness Community at World Gym Burpengary.



In accordance with the gradual easing of restrictions related to the COVID (19) Pandemic in Australia the State Government have provided recommendations for the staged return to fitness and leisure activities.

Fitness Australia have provided us guidance on how our staff and members are going to safely return to the gym.

Failure to comply with the processes, procedures and new club rules will result in staff or members being banned from the gym. Everyone needs to play their part in reducing the rate of transmission of COVID (19) in the workplace and the community.

The Key recommendations by Public Health Authorities to control the transmission of Coronavirus are: -

  1. Social Distancing.
  2. Practice good hand hygiene, clean and disinfect your environment.
  3. Stay at home if you are unwell and / or have any symptoms of the virus.
  4. Contact tracing.

All staff MUST complete

  1. The Australian Government Online COVID (19) infection control training model.
  2. New staff induction
  3. Download the Keen Safety App – Daily Random Temp Checks. 

  1. Social Distancing

In accordance Public Health directives and within Stage 2 of the Easing of restrictions in QLD it is recommended that you minimise the number of people in an indoor space to 1 person per 7 metres squared. This will allow all persons to maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres from any other person whilst working or using fitness facilities. All equipment has been spaced out to at least 1.5 m. Safety Markers , signage , temporary fencing has been erected throughout the Club to achieve this social distancing. 3 x COVID Safety Floor Staff have been employed with the task of monitoring each zone within the club to ensure numbers have been adhered to and social distancing is achieved. This gives World Gym Burpengary the unique ability to run 24/7. We ask members to enter the main gym from the comfort zone stairs and exit via the main cardio zone stairs in order to promote social distancing.

  1. Hygiene – Cleaning and Disinfecting :-

Personal hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting is a Public Health recommendation to minimise the transmission of the virus. The virus can be transmitted from the environment to people when they touch infected items and then touch their mouth, nose or eyes.

Frequent handwashing of hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitiser, regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and items handled by any individuals will reduce transmission of the virus within the workplace. Again signage has been placed throughout the club to achieve this.

To achieve effective hygiene in the workplace we have implemented the following steps –

  1. Daily Night Cleaners – 3 x 3 hrs / 7 days per week – logged through Keen Safety App.
  2. Daily Day Cleaners – 2 x 6 hrs – Cleaning in between classes, spray bottles filled, empty bins and check hand sanitisers.
  3. Monthly Infection Control – Hospital Grade Disinfectant Nanocyn Misting
  4. Infection Control Policy for Staff –
    1. Correct technique for washing hands.
    2. Cleaning procedures for staff
    3. Staff training on how to communicate to members to clean equipment before and after use.
  5. Infection Control Policy for Members –
  • Come in for your session with a plan
  • Washing Hands or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer upon arrival.
  • Disinfect and wipe down of exercise equipment before and after use.
  • Use a clean towel each time they attend a session or class.
  • Bring your own water bottle instead of using the drink fountains. Fountains have been switched off and covered.
  • Eftpos Only – strictly no cash policy
  • Utilize the 20 Hand Sanitizer Stations around the gym during workout
  • Utilize the 20 disinfectant spray bottles and wipes to wipe down before and after use.

Further information about the standards expected can be found at

  1. Stay at home if unwell :-

Public Health Authorities advise all people to stay at home if they are unwell or display any symptoms of COVID (19) Infection.

              For Staff

  1. All Staff have been informed that they are NOT to attend work if they have symptoms of COVID (19) that is cough, fever, sore throat.
  2. All Staff Have been informed that they are to notify their line manager that they will be absent due to sickness and they will be required to lodge a leave request form via email.

If a staff member presents at work with any symptoms of COVID (19) they will be asked to leave work immediately and to seek medical advice.

           For Members

  1. All members have been advised via email, social media and club signage that they MUST not attend the gym if they are unwell or have symptoms of COVID (19).
  2. A member who is observed to have symptoms will be politely asked to leave the club.


  1. Contact Tracing :-

A Key component of managing the COVID (19) Pandemic is contact tracing. Contact tracing will be conducted by QLD Health and management will be prepared to give them access to our club database and records.

In order to assist QLD Health in contact tracing World Gym Burpengary will :-

  1. Maintain a register of member attendance through Clubware and yepbooking Class/Creche booking system.
  2. Maintain a register of staff & contractor attendance through KEEN SAFETY APP.
  3. Will be prepared to provide QLD Health with database login and passwords upon request.

In addition to the recommendations set out by Fitness Australia – World Gym Burpengary have put a few extra innovative measures in place to protect their members and staff :-

  1. In the process of implementing paperless system with Member Kiosks.
  2. Keen Safety App – log incident reports, conduct temp checks, log maintenance requests.
  3. Added sneeze guards in the café/reception area.
  4. Schedule automated health and safety announcements to be played throughout the Club’s Nightlife music system (every 20 minutes)
  5. Extensive digital media and COVID Safe Advertising placed around club (as approved by Fitness Australia).
  6. 3 Full Time COVID Support Coordinators have been temporarily employed to monitor and enforce our COVID Safety plan. This enables World Gym Burpengary to be one of the few Clubs to operate 24/7.