Meet our World Gym Burleigh Team 💪

 Certifications: Cert III & IV Fitness

 Specialitie(s): Small Group Training, Bootcamps, 1 on 1 Training, Coaching & Programming.

At Activate You Project we are all about Activating Healthy Lifestyles, by helping you reach your goals but sustain or surpass them through not only training and nutrition but also by building or repairing your self belief and mentality towards your goals. As owner and Head Coach of Activate You Project I take the mental struggle of being over weight and unhappy with ones body very seriously as I have been through it myself losing 30kg and now keeping it off and now I’m here to help my clients do the same! Ph: 0431522230 E: activateyouproject@gmail.com

 Certifications: Cert 3 in Fitness, Cert 4 in Personal Training.

 Specialitie(s): Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Physique transformation, Bodybuilding, Nutrition.

Being a competitive bodybuilder myself, I find great excitement in helping others transform their physiques too! I take pride in helping others level-up their physiques to look and feel their best. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a casual gym-goer, I’ll work with you to get you into your best shape. I work best with those who are prepared to put in effort, follow their plan and are ready to learn Ph: 0435547046 E: cjhinze3@gmail.com

 Certifications: Cert 3 in Fitness, Cert 4 in Personal Training, Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics

 Specialitie(s): Individual Diet plans - Dietitian, Fat Loss & Body Recomposition, Increase Strength, Boxing & HIIT, Long term healthy lifestyle changes.

 Experience: 14 years working in the Fitness industry

Im Bianca, I have worked within the fitness industry for over 14 years. Straight out of year 12 I became a PT and worked casually in gyms while I studied and successfully completed my Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics in 2014. I have always been known as the 'big girl'. I have struggled with my weight and self image since high school. Since being introduced to the gym in year 10, my relationship with the gym is the longest lasting relationship I've ever had! I feel amazing for it and I want others to discover the same amazing results and biproducts of living an active and healthy lifestyle. The Body By B FITFAM doesn't have a niche clientele. I have and will continue to train anybody and everybody willing to give it a red hot crack! The way you feel after a good gym session is addictive! And there is nothing better than being addicted to something in life that only offers positive results if you ask me! Ph: 0459353947 E: b1ancajane@hotmail.com

 Certifications: Cert III in Fitness Cert IV in Personal Training

 Specialitie(s): Muscle Gain, Weight-loss, Boxing, Body Transformations

 Experience: 15 years of competitive boxing

After 15 years of boxing competitively and being a volunteer trainer I found a love for the gym and hypertrophy style training with a real passion for creating visible results. My goal is to help as many people as possible to achieve their goals through training, nutritional advice and coaching. Whether you're an elite athlete trying to get the edge on the competition or just want to get in shape for summer, I can help you get there. Contact me today for your free fitness consultation. Ph: 0490919871 E: ryzeaesthetics@gmail.com

 Certifications: Certificate III & IV In Fitness

 Certifications: Diploma In Health Science

 Specialitie(s): Female Based Strength Training

Hi, hey, hello! My goal is educate and build strong, confident individuals and show you how to create long term, healthy and sustainable habits both inside and outside of the gym. Training to me is about becoming stronger both mentally and physically. I want to help improve your quality of life, not by giving you a quick fix, but teaching you how to create long term habits. I want you to learn to move your body because you love it. I want you to eat flexibly and not be scared to eat the foods you love, learn that food is not just fuel but it is their to be enjoyed. Join my team of individuals, who lift more weight than they ever imagined and eat food guilt free. Let me help you create the lifestyle you want for yourself. I can give you all the tools but you need to build your dream life. The only thing I ask for is for you to put the hard work in, be dedicated, be patient and be consistent. Show up for yourself. Time to put yourself first, time to level up. Ph: 0410796668 E: katiemorriscoaching@gmail.com

 Certifications: Certificate III & IV In Fitness

 Certifications: Precision Nutrition- Level 1

 Specialitie(s): Fat Loss for Females Body Recomposition Strength Training Nutrition

IFBB Bikini Pro, with 17 years experience getting amazing results from my training Clients. Contact me now if you’d like some help with your Health and Fitness Goals! I help Woman look and feel good in their bodies. Ph: 0410796668 E: katiemorriscoaching@gmail.com

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